Dennis Potter Biography (1935-1994)

Born Dennis Christopher George Potter, May 17, 1935, in the Forest of Dean, Berry Hill, Gloucestershire, England; died of cancer, June 7, 1994, at Ross-on-Wye (near the Forest of Dean), England; son of Walter Edward (a coal miner)and Margaret Constance (Wales) Potter; married Margaret Morgan (a journalist), 1959 (died, 1994); children: Jane, Sarah, Robert.

Birth Details
May 17, 1935
Forest of Dean, England
Death Details
June 7, 1994
Ross-on-Wye, England

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Voights-Virchow, Echart, Maennerphantasien: Introspektion und gebrochene Wirklichkeitsillusion im Drama von Dennis Potter, Trier: Periodicals:

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