Suzanne Pleshette Biography (1937-)

Born January 31, 1937, in New York, NY; daughter of Eugene (a theatre managerand network executive) and Geraldine (an artist and dancer; maiden name, Rivers) Pleshette; married Troy Donahue (an actor), January 4, 1964 (divorced September 8, 1964); married Thomas Joseph Gallagher III (in business), March 16, 1968 (died January 21, 2000); married Tom Poston (an actor), May 11, 2001.Addresses: Agent: William Morris Agency, 151 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.; Agent: 1100 Alta Loma Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Actress, television series creator
Birth Details
January 31, 1937
New York, New York

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Emily Hartley, The Bob Newhart Show, CBS, 1972-78
  • Maggie Briggs, Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs, CBS, 1984
  • Tracy Bridges, Bridges to Cross, CBS, 1986
  • Relatively Speaking, syndicated, 1988
  • Chris Broderick, Nightingales, NBC, 1989
  • Jackie Hansen, The Boys Are Back (also known as Not My Three Sons), CBS, 1994
  • Movies
  • Kitty Sanborn, Wings of Fire (also known as The Cloudburst), NBC, 1967
  • Barbara Soline, Hunters Are for Killing (also known as Hard Frame), CBS, 1970
  • Anne Banning/Janet Furie, Along Came a Spider, ABC, 1970
  • Kate Todd, In Broad Daylight, ABC, 1971
  • Anna, River of Gold, ABC, 1971
  • June Mathis, The Legend of Valentino, ABC, 1975
  • Karen Day, Law and Order, NBC, 1976
  • Janet Langford, If Things Were Different, CBS, 1980
  • Carla Webber, Fantasies, ABC, 1982
  • Laura Bingham, Help Wanted: Male, CBS, 1982
  • Joanne Boone, One Cooks, the Other Doesn't, CBS, 1983
  • Dixie Cabot, Dixie: Changing Habits, CBS, 1983
  • Joanna Piper, For Love or Money, CBS, 1984
  • Dana Sutton, Kojak: The Belarus File (also known as The BelarusFile), CBS, 1985
  • Kate Bennington, A Stranger Waits, CBS, 1987
  • Captain Janet Hamilton, Alone in the Neon Jungle (also known as Command in Hell), CBS, 1988
  • Leona Helmsley, Leona Helmsley: The Queen of Mean (also known as Queen of Mean), CBS, 1990
  • Marie Peters, Battling for Baby (also known as Spoiled Rotten), CBS, 1992
  • Dr. Rachel Walters, A Twist of the Knife, CBS, 1993
  • Miniseries
  • Kate Fallon, Flesh and Blood, CBS, 1979
  • Margot Murray, The Star Maker, NBC, 1981
  • Specials
  • Nona, Flesh and Blood, NBC, 1968
  • Mitzi: A Tribute to the American Housewife, CBS, 1974
  • Memories Then and Now, CBS, 1988
  • The Bob Newhart 20th Anniversary Special, CBS, 1991
  • Billie Baker Baer, Profiles, ABC, 1994
  • Where Are They Now?, CBS, 1997
  • Herself, Steve McQueen: The King of Cool, AMC, 1998
  • Pilots
  • Renee Fontaine, "Love Is a Lion's Roar," Band of Gold (broadcast as a segment of The General Electric Theater), CBS, 1961
  • Anita King, Expose (broadcast as "Corridor 400" on The Bob HopeChrysler Theater), NBC, 1963
  • Elizabeth Morton (guest), Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours,NBC, 1976
  • Kate Bliss, Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid, ABC, 1978
  • Episodic
  • "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Mrs. Murphy," Omnibus, NBC, 1957
  • "Night Rescue," Harbourmaster, CBS, 1957
  • "Death of a Gunfighter," Have Gun--Will Travel, CBS, 1959
  • Martha, "Delusion," Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond, ABC, 1959
  • "The Long Rider," Black Saddle, ABC, 1959
  • "Lady from South Chicago," Adventures in Paradise, ABC, 1959
  • Anne, "Hitch Hike," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1960
  • "The House of Bernarda Alba," Play of the Week, syndicated, 1960
  • Caroline Humphreys, "Listen for the Sound of a Witch," The Third Man, syndicated, 1960
  • "The Two Faces of Grey Holden," Riverboat, NBC, 1960
  • "The Pedigree Sheet," Naked City, ABC, 1960
  • "The Strengthening Angels," Route 66, CBS, 1960
  • "Forbidden Cargo," The Islanders, ABC, 1960
  • "Lesson in Fear," Hong Kong, ABC, 1961
  • "Weekend on Ice," Tab Hunter Show, NBC, 1961
  • "Blue Murder," Route 66, CBS, 1961
  • Julie Lawler, "Shining Image," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1961
  • Hank Rossi, "Viva Vegas," Target: The Corruptors, ABC, 1962
  • "Behold a Pale Horse," Ben Casey, ABC, 1962
  • Marta, "Days of Glory," Dick Powell Show, NBC, 1962
  • "The Soul Killer," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1962
  • "The Contenders," Alcoa Premiere, ABC, 1962
  • Myra Marshall, "The Myra Marshall Story," Wagon Train, ABC, 1963
  • Lori Moore, "The Potato Bash World," Channing, ABC, 1963
  • Ellen Adams, "Goodbye, Mr. Jersey," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1964
  • Ellie Burton, "World's End," The Fugitive, ABC, 1964
  • Lydia Monteran, "Night of the Inferno," Wild, Wild West, CBS, 1965
  • Peggy Franklin, "All the Scared Rabbits," The Fugitive, ABC, 1965
  • "After the Lion, Jackals," Bob Hope Chrysler Theater, NBC, 1966
  • "List for a Firing Squad," The FBI, ABC, 1966
  • Vikki, "The Mutation," The Invaders, ABC, 1967
  • "Baby, the World's on Fire," Run for Your Life, NBC, 1967
  • "Till the End of the Night," Cimarron Strip, CBS, 1967
  • Anne Gibbs, "The Pursued," The Invaders, ABC, 1968
  • "The Mercenary," The FBI, ABC, 1968
  • "A Sour Note," It Takes a Thief, ABC, 1968
  • "The Quarry," The FBI, ABC, 1968
  • "The Suntan Mob," Name of the Game, NBC, 1969
  • "The Skin Game," Name of the Game, NBC, 1970
  • "Love and the Fly," Love, American Style, ABC, 1970
  • Glory Bramley, "Stark," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1970
  • Ann Logan, "Daisy in the Shadows," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1970
  • "Hello, Miss Bessinger, Goodbye," Courtship of Eddie's Father, ABC, 1970
  • "The Inheritors," The FBI, ABC, 1970
  • "A Capitol Affair," Name of the Game, NBC, 1971
  • Helen Stewart, "Dead Weight," Columbo, NBC, 1971
  • Mary, "Conspiracy," Medical Center, CBS, 1971
  • Shelly Kingman, "When She Was Bad," Ironside, NBC, 1971
  • Rose Becket/Katie Summers/Mrs. Ransom, "A Place to Hide," Bonanza,NBC, 1972
  • (Uncredited) Emily Hartley, "The Last Newhart," Newhart, CBS, 1990
  • Also appeared as Cathy Benjamin, Dr. Kildare; hosted The Tonight Show, NBC.
  • Television Work
  • Series
  • Co-creator, Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs, CBS, 1984
  • Co-creator, Bridges to Cross, CBS, 1986
  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Private Betty Pearson, The Geisha Boy, Paramount, 1958
  • Chris Lockwood, Forty Pounds of Trouble, Universal, 1962
  • Prudence Bell, Rome Adventure (also known as Lovers Must Learn), Warner Bros., 1962
  • Annie Hayworth, The Birds (also known as Alfred Hitchcock's TheBirds), Universal, 1963
  • Laura Rubio, Wall of Noise, Warner Bros., 1963
  • Mrs. Kitty Mainwarring, A Distant Trumpet, Warner Bros., 1964
  • Martha Webster, stewardess, Fate Is the Hunter, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1964
  • Jeanne Green, Youngblood Hawke, Warner Bros., 1964
  • Grace Caldwell, A Rage to Live, United Artists, 1965
  • (Uncredited) Herself, Searchers for a Special City, 1965
  • Fiddle, Mister Buddwing (also known as Woman without a Face), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1966
  • Pilar, Cajun girl, Nevada Smith, Paramount, 1966
  • Fran Garrison, The Ugly Dachshund, Buena Vista, 1966
  • Arabella Flagg, The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, Buena Vista, 1967
  • Jo Anne Baker, Blackbeard's Ghost, Buena Vista, 1968
  • Margery Lansing, The Power, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968
  • Samantha, If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, United Artists, 1969
  • Ramona, Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? (also known as War Games), Cinerama, 1970
  • Patience Barton, Support Your Local Gunfighter, United Artists, 1971
  • Betty Daniels, The Shaggy D.A., Buena Vista, 1976
  • Louise Webster, Hot Stuff, Columbia, 1979
  • Paula, Oh, God! Book II, Warner Bros., 1980
  • Diane Reed, Target: Harry (also known as How to Make It andWhat's in It for Harry?), filmed in 1969, released by Roger Corman, 1980
  • Sanford Meisner: The American Theatre's Best Kept Secret (documentary), Columbia, 1984
  • Voice of Zira, Lion King II: Simba's Pride (animated), Buena VistaHome Video, 1998
  • Herself, Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's, Northern Arts Entertainment, 1998
  • Stage Appearances
  • (Broadway debut) Compulsion, Ambassador Theatre, New York City, 1957
  • Leah, The Cold and the Warm, Morosco Theatre, New York City, 1958
  • Julie, The Golden Fleecing, Henry Miller Theatre, New York City, 1959
  • Annie Sullivan, The Miracle Worker, Playhouse Theatre, New York City, 1961
  • Any Ruskin, Special Occasions, Music Box Theatre, New York City, 1982
  • Made stage debut in Truckline Cafe; also appeared as Gittel Mosca,Two for the Seesaw, Booth Theatre, New York City; and A StreetcarNamed Desire.

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