Paul Stewart Biography (1908-1986)

Real name, Paul Sternberg; born March 13, 1908, New York, NY; died February 17, 1986, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Maurice D. and Nathalie Caroline (Nathanson) Sternberg; married Peg La Centra (an actress and singer), 1939. Career: Actor, director, and producer. Radio director and producer, 1935-45; Mercury Theatre of the Air, original member, 1938; worked as a writer, directorand producer for David O. Selznick and Dore Schary; directed screen tests atParamount; Acoustica Association Incorporate, director, 1963-68; Rod Development Corporation, vice president, 1963-68. Worked at Dun & Bradstreet, alaw firm, during college; also worked as a rental agent. Anti-Defamation League, communications committee chair, 1969-71. Military service: Officeof Wartime Information, 1941-43. Member: American Federation of RadioArtists (founder), Screen Actors Guild (board member), Directors Guild of America, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Actor, director, producer
Birth Details
March 13, 1908
New York, New York, United States
Death Details
February 17, 1986
Los Angeles, California, United States

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