Stan Laurel Biography (1890-1965)

Born Arthur Stanley Jefferson, June 16, 1890, in Ulverston, Lancashire, England; died February 23, 1965; son of Arthur J. Jefferson (an actor and producer) and Madge Metcalfe (an actress); common-law husband of Mae Dahlberg (a singer and dancer), 1919-25; married Lois Neilson (an actress), 1926 (divorced, 1935); married Ruth Rogers, 1935 (divorced, 1936); married Illeana Shuvalona (a singer and dancer), 1938 (divorced, 1939); remarried Ruth Rogers, 1941 (divorced, 1946); married Ida Kitaeva Raphael (an actress and singer), 1946; children: two (with Lois Neilson).

Birth Details
June 16, 1890
Ulverston, Lancashire, England

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