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Wayne Emmons spent sixteen years as a Church of Christ minister and fifteen years after that as a prosecutor and defense lawyer before turning to stand-upcomedy. He bills himself as being from Ash Flat, Arkansas, where he grew up.He served in the prosecutor's office in Dyersburg, Tennessee, before movingto Memphis to practice criminal law. He created the character of "Cousin Bubba" as a joke when he was speaking at legal seminars in New York. His character wears overalls and his act plays on the traditions of the southern "good ole' boys," using lawyers and the law as a target for his humor. "Do you know why they're using lawyers in laboratory experiments? Because there's more of them than white mice, and you don't get so attached to them." Emmons refuses to use bad language in his routine and is determined to stay out of the law business. "You're dealing in laughter," he says about comedy, "not in human misery."


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