Conrad Bain Biography (1923-)

Full name, Conrad Stafford Bain; born February 4, 1923, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada; immigrated to the United States, 1946, naturalized U.S. citizen, 1946; son of Stafford Harrison (a wholesaler) and Jean Agnes (Young) Bain; married Monica Marjorie Sloan (an artist), September 4, 1945; children: Kent Stafford, Mark Alexander, Jennifer Jean. Addresses: Office--c/o 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067-6001.

Birth Details
February 4, 1923
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Famous Works

  • Credits; Stage Appearances
  • Albert Kummer, Dear Ruth, Ivoryton Playhouse, CT, 1947.
  • (Broadway debut) Larry Slade, The Iceman Cometh, Circle in the Square Theatre, 1956.
  • Dr. Peter Hoenig, Sixth Finger in a Five Finger Glove, Longacre Theatre,New York City, 1956.
  • King of Hesse, the captain, and old inquisitor, Candide, Martin Beck Theatre, New York City, 1956.
  • Vitek, The Makropoulos Secret, Phoenix Repertory Theatre, New York City,1957.
  • Smelicue, Dark of the Moon, Carnegie Hall Playhouse, New York City, 1958.
  • Mark Eland, Lost in the Stars, City Center Theatre, New York City, 1958.
  • Earl of Northumberland, Henry IV, Part I, Stratford Shakespeare Festival,Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 1958.
  • Antonio, Much Ado about Nothing, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, 1958.
  • Antigonus, The Winter's Tale, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, 1958.
  • Dr. Warburton, Family Reunion, Phoenix Repertory Theatre, 1958.
  • Mr. Juno, Overruled, Provincetown Playhouse, New York City, 1959.
  • The solicitor, Buoyant Billions, Provincetown Playhouse, 1959.
  • General Bridgenorth, Getting Married, Provincetown Playhouse, 1959.
  • Nicholas, A Country Scandal, Greenwich Mews Theatre, New York City, 1960.
  • Senator Winthrop, Advise and Consent, Cort Theatre, New York City, 1960.
  • Mr. Norah, "It's All Yours," Daddy Jack, "A Summer Ghost," in A Pair of Pairs, Van Dam Theatre, New York City, 1962.
  • Older man, Lunatic View, Theatre de Lys, New York City, 1962.
  • George Higgins, Hot Spot, Majestic Theatre, New York City, 1963.
  • Duke of Cornwall, King Lear, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle, WA, 1963.
  • Biedermann, The Firebugs, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1964.
  • Howard, Death of a Salesman, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1964.
  • Rakosi, The Shadow of Heroes, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1964.
  • Raim, The Queen and the Rebels, Theatre Four, New York City, 1965.
  • Doc, Square in the Eye, Theatre de Lys, 1965.
  • James Palsy Murphy, Hogan's Goat, The American Place Theatre, New York City, 1965.
  • Max, The Kitchen, Eighty-First Street Theatre, New York City, 1966.
  • Mr. Hopp, Willie Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Theatre de Lys, 1966.
  • Tourist, Scuba Duba, The New Theatre, New York City, 1967.
  • Appleby, The Cuban Thing, Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, 1968.
  • George Griffith, Nobody Hears a Broken Drum, Fortune Theatre, New York City, 1970.
  • Oldtimer, Steambath, Truck and Warehouse Theatre, New York City, 1970.
  • Aslaksen, An Enemy of the People, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, New York City,1971.
  • Kurt, Play Strindberg, Forum Theatre, New York City, 1971.
  • Swede, Twigs, Broadhurst Theatre, New York City, 1971.
  • Ilya Telegin, Uncle Vanya, Circle in the Square Theatre, 1973.
  • F. Sherman, The Owl and the Pussycat, Palm Springs Center Theatre, Palm Springs, CA, 1976.
  • Country Cops, Elitch Theatre, Denver, CO, 1986.
  • The Dining Room, Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA, 1991.
  • Dr. Evans, On Borrowed Time, Circle in the Square Theatre/Uptown, 1991-92.
  • Credits; Tours
  • Alfred Moulton-Barrett, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, U.S. cities, 1949.
  • Mr. Nicklebush, Rhinoceros, U.S. cities, 1962.
  • Credits; Film Appearances
  • James Lawrence, A Lovely Way to Die, Universal, 1968.
  • Madison Avenue man, Coogan's Bluff, Universal, 1968.
  • Salesman at Cartier's, Star! (also known as Those Were the Happy Times),Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.
  • Hotel clerk, Madigan, Universal, 1968.
  • Dan's father, Last Summer, Allied Artists, 1969.
  • Reverend Pell, I Never Sang for My Father (also known as Strangers), Columbia, 1970.
  • Lovers and Other Strangers, Cinerama, 1970.
  • Lester, Jump, Cannon, 1971.
  • Dr. Rubicoff, The Anderson Tapes, Columbia, 1971.
  • Semple, Bananas, United Artists, 1971.
  • New Leaf, Paramount, 1971.
  • Val, Who Killed Mary What's 'Ername? (also known as Death of a Hooker), Cannon, 1971.
  • Poppy, A Fan's Notes, Warner Bros., 1972.
  • Dr. Gordon, Up the Sandbox, National General, 1973.
  • Ralph Norton, C.H.O.M.P.S., American International Pictures, 1979.
  • Grandpa, Postcards from the Edge, Columbia, 1990.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Series
  • Love of Life, CBS, 1951.
  • Dr. Facciola, Search for Tomorrow, NBC, 1951.
  • Dr. Charles Weldon, The Edge of Night, CBS, 1970.
  • Dr. Arthur Harmon, Maude, CBS, 1974-78.
  • Philip Drummond, Diff'rent Strokes, NBC, 1978-86.
  • Charlie Ross, Mr. President, Fox, 1987-88.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Movies
  • Lawyer, The Borgia Stick, NBC, 1967.
  • Strangers, 1979.
  • Frank King, Child Bride of Short Creek, NBC, 1981.
  • The Choice, CBS, 1981.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Specials
  • Title role, Candide, 1956.
  • Swede, Twigs, 1975.
  • The Jimmy McNichols Special, 1980.
  • Host, TV Funnies, 1982.
  • Also appeared in Little Women, The Last Dictator, and Quartet.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Episodic
  • "The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party," CHiPs, NBC, 1980.
  • Philip Drummond, "I, Done," The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, NBC, 1995.

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