Ellen Geer Biography (1941-)

Full name, Ellen Ware Geer; born August 29, 1941, in New York, NY; daughter of Will Auge (an actor and horticulturist) and Herta (an actress and balladeer; maiden name, Ware) Geer; married Edward Flanders (an actor), January 29, 1963 (divorced, 1968); married Peter Alsop (a singer and songwriter); children:(first marriage) Ian; (second marriage) Megan, Willow (an actress). Addresses: Agent: Kathleen Schultz Associates, 6442 Coldwater Canyon, Suite 206, North Hollywood, CA 91606.; Manager: Kyle Fritz Management, 6325 Heather Dr., Hollywood, CA 90068.

Actress, director, producer, writer
Birth Details
August 29, 1941
New York, New York, United States

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