Wes Studi Biography (1947?-)

Original name, Wesley Studie; born December 17, 1947 (some sources cite 1944), in Nofire Hollow, OK; son of Andy (a ranch hand) and Maggie (a housekeeper)Studie; married second wife, Rebecca Graves (a teacher), 1974 (divorced, 1982); married third wife, Maura Dhu (a singer and writer); children: (second marriage) Daniel, Leah; (third marriage) Kholan Garret. Addresses: Manager: Michael Mann Talent, 617 South Olive, Suite 311, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Actor, voice performer, writer, director
Birth Details
December 17, 1947?
Nofire Hollow, Oklahoma, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Bull, Powwow Highway, Warner Bros., 1988
  • Toughest Pawnee, Dances with Wolves, Orion, 1990
  • Indian in desert, The Doors, TriStar, 1991
  • Magua, The Last of the Mohicans, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992
  • Title role, Geronimo: An American Legend, Columbia, 1993
  • Victor Sagat, Street Fighter (also known as Street Fighter: TheBattle for Shadaloo, Street Fighter: The Movie, and Street Fighter: The Ultimate Battle), Universal, 1994
  • Detective Casals, Heat, Warner Bros., 1995
  • Cameron, The Killing Jar, Curb Entertainment, 1996
  • Lone Justice: Showdown at Plum Creek (also known as Lone Justice 3), 1996
  • Bonnie Looksaway's Iron Art Wagon (short film), Firecat Music, 1997
  • Hanover, Deep Rising, Buena Vista, 1998
  • Pocatello, Wind River, c. 1998
  • The Sphinx, Mystery Men, MCA/Universal, 1999
  • Terry Leonard, Soundman, 1999
  • Bingo caller, Christmas in the Clouds, Random Ventures/StockbridgeMunsee Band of Mohican Indians, 2001
  • Commander Jonah Trager, Ice Planet, H5B5 Media, 2001
  • Frank Lightfoot, Road to Redemption, WorldWide Pictures, 2001
  • Narrator, Sze Bei (documentary), 2001
  • Mingo Pace, Undisputed (also known as Undisputed--Sieg ohne Ruhm), Miramax, 2002
  • Father Mike, The Ugly One, Buoy 22 Films, 2003
  • (Scenes deleted) Chief Bowles (some sources cite Chief Bowl), The Alamo, Buena Vista, 2004
  • Voice of Grandpa, Echoes from Juniper Canyon (short film), 2004
  • Chief Thomas, Miracle at Sage Creek, American World Pictures, 2005
  • Creeper, Animal, DEJ Productions, 2005
  • Opechancanough, The New World, New Line Cinema, 2005
  • A Thousand Roads (short film), 2005
  • Film Director
  • Bonnie Looksaway's Iron Art Wagon (short film), Firecat Music, 1997
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • One Horse, Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times (also known as Lone Justice II and Return to Plum Creek), CBS, 1993
  • Narrator, Ancient America (series of documentaries), 1994
  • Miniseries
  • Famous Shoes, Streets of Laredo (also known as Larry McMurtry's"Streets of Laredo"), CBS, 1995
  • Voice, 500 Nations, CBS, 1995
  • Black Kettle, Into the West, TNT, 2005
  • Movies
  • Long Runner, The Trial of Standing Bear, 1988
  • Longarm, ABC, 1988
  • Seth, chief, and speaker for the tribes, The Broken Chain, TNT, 1993
  • Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, TNT, 1996
  • Joe Nighttrail, Superfire (also known as Firefighter--Inferno in Oregon and Superfire--Inferno in Oregon), ABC, 2002
  • Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, "Skinwalkers," Mystery!, PBS, 2002
  • Cuch, Edge of America (also known as On the Edge), Showtime, 2003
  • Kulakinah, The Lone Ranger, The WB, 2003
  • Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Coyote Waits, PBS, 2003
  • Joe Leaphorn, A Thief of Time, PBS, 2004
  • Specials
  • Voice, "In the White Man's Image," The American Experience, PBS, 1992
  • Voice of Crazy Horse, The Wild West, syndicated, 1993
  • An American Reunion: New Beginnings, Renewed Hope (also known as An American Reunion: The People's Inaugural Celebration), HBO, 1993
  • Narrator, Cherokee, the Principal People, 1994
  • Narrator, Indian America: A Gift from the Past, PBS, 1994
  • The 51st Annual Golden Globe Awards, TBS, 1994
  • Voice, "The Way West," The American Experience, PBS, 1995
  • Narrator, The Great Bears of North America, c. 1995
  • Voice, In Search of the Oregon Trail, PBS, 1996
  • Himself, Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western, TNT, 1997
  • Voice of Payakan, The Amazon Warrior, TBS and syndicated, 1998
  • Narrator, Wild Horses: An American Romance, PBS, 2000
  • Narrator, Warrior in Two Worlds, PBS, 2001
  • (In archive footage) Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped theNative American, Starz!, 2003
  • Episodic
  • Roller, "Sins of the Father," The Flash, CBS, 1990
  • Sheriff Benson, "Mountain Men," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1992
  • Jesse Rainbird, "Outrage," Promised Land, CBS, 1997
  • Armando Uribe, "Hunting Armanado," UC: Undercover, NBC, 2002
  • Himself, "The Films of Michael Mann" (also known as "Michael Mann"), The Directors, Encore, 2002
  • Appeared in Adventures from the Book of Virtues (also known as The Book of Virtues (animated), PBS; also appeared in Storytime, PBS.
  • Stage Appearances
  • Chitto Harjo, Indian Meadowlark, Tulsa, OK, 1996
  • Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks, 1984, and Brady Theatre, Tulsa, OK, 1999
  • Wolf in Camp, Santa Fe Performing Arts School, Santa Fe, NM, 2000
  • Appeared in Bad Habits, Black Elk Speaks, The Royal Huntof the Sun, and Ten Little Indians, all American Indian Theatre,Tulsa, OK; Don't Drink the Water and My Three Angels, both Gaslight Theatre, Tulsa, OK; and The Pendelton Blanket, Mark Taper Forum,Los Angeles.
  • Major Tours
  • Toured in the solo show Coyote Chews His Own Tail.
  • Videos
  • Appeared as the host of the documentary Navajo Medicine.
  • Audiobooks
  • People of the Wolf, 1991
  • People of the River, 1993
  • Albums
  • (With Firecat of Discord) Firecat of Discord, Firecat Music, 1999
  • Writings for the Stage
  • Author (with Maura Dhu) of the solo stage show Coyote Chews His Own Tail; translator into Cherokee language, The Kentucky Cycle (stage play).
  • Albums
  • (With Firecat of Discord) Firecat of Discord, Firecat Music, 1999
  • Writings for Children
  • (As Wesley Studie) The Adventures of Billy Bean, Cherokee Bilingual/Cross Cultural Education Center, 1982
  • (As Wesley Studie) More Adventures of Billy Bean (also known as The Further Adventures of Billy Bean), Cherokee Bilingual/Cross CulturalEducation Center, 1983

Further Reference


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    Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:22 pm
    Do not see anything on Mr. Studi's military service other than he served in Viet Nam. I am assuming that he served with the Army. Would be interested in what he did while he was in the service and if that service experience has contributed to how he approaches acting. Wondering what unit he served with in Viet Nam. Was his schooling done under the GI Bill?

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