Ruth Wolff Biography (1932-)

Born December 17, 1932, in Malden, MA; married Martin Bloom (an architect), August 7, 1955; children: Evan Todd. Addresses: AGENT--Rick Leed, Hesseltine-Baker Associates, Ltd., 165 W. 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Wolff told CTFT, "While I often seem to be dealing with the past, with history, to me it is the present. For me, it is too limiting to be bound by this minute, this place. I feel my province is any time, all places. Even hell and heaven. That is because I feel human nature never changes. Attitudes change. Surfaces change. The basic verities don't. If there is any theme which runs through all my plays, it is the insistence of each of these heroines on takinglife into her own hands and making as much as she can of it. If there is anysubject which is common to all the plays, it is, in one variation or another,the baffling, exciting, infuriating, inexhaustible, impenetrable subject oflove."

Birth Details
December 17, 1932
Malden, Massachusetts, United States

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