Juanita Moore Biography (1922?-)

Born October 19, 1922 (some sources say 1918), in Los Angeles, CA; married Charles Burris. Addresses: Agent: Artists First, 8230 Beverly Blvd., 23,Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Birth Details
October 19, 1922?
Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous Works

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Aug 11, 2012 @ 7:19 pm
I began to do research on africian american actresses in the 1950's, and I am so speechless as to how, so many talented actresses were not credited for their work. "Imitation of Life" I won't say was; it is a film that still affects me to this day. Plus I've seen her in many other films and television appearances that are listed. I guess all I can say is, prejudice is nothing but a spirit that consistantly lives in fear on a day to day basis. We've never been afraid of them, they've ALWAY'S BEEN AFRAID OF US! WHY?

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