Michelle Thrush Biography (1967-)

Born February 6, 1967; raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Addresses:Agent: Artmedia, 20, av. Rapp, Paris 75007 France.

Birth Details
February 6, 1967
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Sylvie LeBret, North of 60, CBC, 1996-97
  • Laura, Moccasin Flats, [Canada], beginning 2003
  • Miniseries
  • Rainbow Woman, Children of the Dust (also known as A Good Day to Die), CBS, 1995
  • Morning Horse, DreamKeeper, ABC, 2003
  • Movies
  • Sally Littlefeathers, Isaac Littlefeathers (also known as Isaac, Nuage-fouguex), CBC, 1984
  • Ghost of Christmas past, Ebenezer, TNT, 1997
  • Holly, "Unwed Father," ABC Movie of the Week, ABC, 1997
  • Sylvie LeBret, Trial by Fire (also known as North of 60: Trialby Fire), CBC, 2000
  • Some sources cite appearances in Daughters of the Country and Dusk 'til Dawn.
  • Episodic
  • Charlene, "Best Friends," Madison (also known as Working It outat Madison), CanWest Global Television, 1993
  • Charlene, "The Circle," Madison (also known as Working It out at Madison), CanWest Global Television, 1993
  • Charlene, "Class Act," Madison (also known as Working It out atMadison), CanWest Global Television, 1993
  • Charlene, "Not Just Anybody," Madison (also known as Working Itout at Madison), CanWest Global Television, 1993
  • Sara Lightfoot, "Bless the Child," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1994
  • Little Deer, "Line of Fire," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series), syndicated, 1995
  • Marian Blackwing, "Blackwing," Forever Knight, USA Network and syndicated, 1995
  • Grey Hawk, "Wilderness Run," Viper, syndicated, 1997
  • Jane Cogo, "Before I Wake," The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, syndicated, 1998
  • Pilots
  • Amy, "Shofar, So Good," Northern Exposure, CBS, 1994
  • Film Appearances
  • The Wake (short film; also known as Veillee funebre), National Film Board of Canada, 1986
  • Olivia D'Lonais, Showdown at Williams Creek (also known as Kootenai Brown and The Legend of Kootenai Brown), National Film Boardof Canada/British Columbia Film Commission/Republic Pictures, 1991
  • Shirley Topaha, The Dark Wind, Carolco, 1993
  • Nobody's girlfriend, Dead Man (also known as Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man"), Miramax, 1995
  • Stella, Skins, First Look Pictures Releasing, 2002
  • Fugitives Run (also known as Don't Call Me Tonto and Nem'appelez pas Tonto), American World Pictures, 2003
  • Leslie Peters/Jane Doe number one, Unnatural & Accidental, Raven West Films, 2006
  • Film Work
  • Automated dialogue replacement voice, Last of the Dogmen, Savoy Pictures, 1995
  • Stage Appearances
  • Eileen Joe, The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, Firehall Arts Centre, Firehall Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, c. 1992
  • Lead role, Written in Stone, Green Thumb Theatre for Young People,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, c. 1993
  • Danielle, Girl Who Loved Her Horses, Theatre Direct, 1995
  • Zhaboonigan, The Rez Sisters, The Grand Theatre, London, Ontario,Canada, c. 1995
  • Appeared as an angel and coach, Heaven Can Wait, as Detective Peers, Red Spy at Night, and as a wife, Wild West, all Bowness Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; as Denise, Dance Me Born; as Mary, Song of the Circle, Spirit Song, University of British Columbia; as a native princess, The Toyshop, Mainstage, Prince's Island; as Pihew/Florence, Generic Warriors and No Name Indians, Native Earth Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; as Raven, Stolen Horses, Second Stage Gallery; as the title role, Sadie Shaw from Arkansas, T. B. Riley Theatre, Calgary,Alberta, Canada; and as various roles, The All Complete Aboriginal Show, Montreal Youth Theatre.
  • Major Tours
  • Reclaim (solo show), Canadian cities, beginning 1992
  • Appeared in a tour of the solo show Inertia.
  • Stage Work
  • Director and producer, Reclaim (solo show), Canadian cities, beginning 1992
  • Writings for the Stage
  • Reclaim (solo show), Canadian cities, beginning 1992

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    • Theatrum, April/May, 1994

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