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Sometimes cited as Sam Lloyd, Jr.; son of Samuel Lloyd (an actor); nephew ofChristopher Lloyd (an actor). Addresses: Agent: Stone Manners Talent and Literary Agency, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Los Angeles, CA 90048.; Manager: Heidi Rotbart, Heidi Rotbart Management, 4000 Warner Blvd., Building160, Room 716, Burbank, CA 91522.


Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Lance Armstrong, City, CBS, 1990
  • Barkley, Double Rush (also known as Lickety Split), CBS, 1995
  • Verder and Milo, My Generation, VH1, 1998
  • Ted Buckland, Scrubs, NBC, 2001-
  • Other
  • Leonard, Bucket of Blood (movie; also known as Dark Secrets, The Death Artist, and Roger Corman Presents "Bucket of Blood"), Showtime, 1993
  • Roy Galilean, Battery Park (pilot), NBC, 2000
  • Appeared as Bobo in pilot for Circus, Fox; and Mr. Larue in pilotfor Talking Shop, NBC.
  • Episodic
  • Wedding guest, "Sophia's Wedding: Part 1," The Golden Girls, 1988
  • Waiter, "Harry and the Tramp," Night Court, NBC, 1988
  • Balloon salesman, "Yet Another Day in the Life," Night Court, NBC,1989
  • "The President's Coming! The President's Coming!," The Golden Girls, 1990
  • Waiter, "The Abduction," Matlock, NBC, 1992
  • Ricky, "The Cigar Store Indian," Seinfeld, NBC, 1993
  • Ricky, "The Pie," Seinfeld, NBC, 1994
  • Ed Haffley, "Save the Wave," Coach, ABC, 1996
  • Pizza guy, "The One with the Friends' Theme," The Last Frontier, Fox, 1996
  • Sy, "Goode and Fired," Goode Behavior, UPN, 1996
  • David Buchman, "Citizen Buchman," Mad About You, NBC, 1997
  • Lionel Burton, "Face Off," Ink, CBS, 1997
  • Vince, "Something about Carly on a Hot Tin Roof," Something So Right, NBC 1997
  • David Buchman, "The Touching Game," Mad About You, NBC, 1997
  • Jack, "Batmobile," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 1997
  • Eddie, "Jailhouse Dick," 3rd Rock from the Sun, NBC, 1997
  • Walter, "The Paul Lassiter Story," Spin City, ABC, 1998
  • Eddie, "My Daddy's Little Girl," 3rd Rock from the Sun, NBC, 1998
  • Mr. Kurtz, "Under Mom's Thumb," Zoe, Duncan, Jack, & Jane, TheWB, 1999
  • Mr. Sanders, "Two Guys, a Girl, and Barenaked Ladies," Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (also known as Two Guys and a Girl), ABC, 1999
  • Bob, "The Crackpots and These Women," The West Wing, NBC, 1999
  • Larry Hanson, "The Man with Two Right Shoes," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2000
  • Ray Giddeon, "Rabbit Punch," Battery Park, NBC, 2000
  • Roy Galilean, "How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?," Battery Park, NBC, 2000
  • First paleontologist, "The Bone Collectors," Spin City, ABC, 2000
  • Andy Fickman, "Battle of the Bahamas," Jack & Jill, The WB, 2001
  • Cable guy, "Losin' It," The Random Years, UPN, 2002
  • Bob Engler, "The Two Bartlets," The West Wing, NBC, 2002
  • Leonard Dexter, "Meat Me in Philly," Philly, ABC, 2002
  • The Lab Partner Episode," Maybe It's Me, The WB, 2002
  • Mr. Smith, "Gotcha," Providence, NBC, 2002
  • Dr. Albert Goldfine, "Ah, but Underneath," Desperate Housewives, ABC, 2004
  • Dr. Albert Goldfine, "Pretty Little Pictures," Desperate Housewives, ABC, 2004
  • Dr. Albert Goldfine, "Running to Stand Still," Desperate Housewives, ABC, 2004
  • Dr. Albert Goldfine, "Love Is in the Air," Desperate Housewives, ABC, 2005
  • Jim, "Buseys Take a Hostage," Malcolm in the Middle, Fox, 2005
  • Appeared as Becker Madison in an episode of Blue Skies, ABC; as Doyle, Champs, ABC; and as Sam, The Last Frontier, Fox; appearedin episodes of American Dreamer, NBC; Family Law, CBS; and The Nightmare Room, The WB.
  • Film Appearances
  • Rick, Rising Sun, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993
  • (As Samuel Lloyd) Coach Willy Barker, Flubber (also known as Disney's Flubber: The Absent Minded Professor), Buena Vista, 1997
  • Deputy, Back by Midnight, Imageworks Entertainment International,2002
  • (As Samuel Lloyd) Fingers, Scorcher, Cinetel Films, 2002
  • Abraham, The Real Old Testament, 2003
  • Gus Blanderskud, Advantage Hart (short film), 2003
  • Dr. Jacobs, Spelling Bee (short film), Great Wazu, 2004
  • Gil, The Swidge (short film), Instant Films, 2004
  • John, Cry for Help (short film), NL3 Audio/Farmer Co., 2005
  • Some sources cite appearance (as Samuel Lloyd) as Neru in Galaxy Quest, DreamWorks, 1999; and as old man, Bereft, 2004.
  • Stage Appearances
  • Appeared as Mortimer Brewster, Arsenic and Old Lace, regional production; Touchstone, As You Like It, Los Angeles; Ted, Big Time,Los Angeles; Sparky, Forever Plaid, regional production; O'Reilly, Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Los Angeles; Rick Steadman (title role),The Nerd, regional production; Gately, Private Wars, Los Angeles; George, She Loves Me, regional production; and John Foreman, Sherlock Holmes, regional production.

Further Reference


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