Emily Favella Stevens Biography ((?)-)

Born Amelia Del Carmen, in Mexico City, Mexico. Addresses: OFFICE--Larkmont, P.O. Box 424, Sea Cliff, NY 11579.

Emily (sometimes known as Emilie) Favella Stevens has been credited by StuartW. Little in his book, Off-Broadway (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc., NY, 1972) with being among the founders (and one of the original members of the board of directors) of the Circle in the Square, one of the three theatreswhich, historically, gave birth to the Off-Broadway movement of the 1950's. Elaborating on this, in a letter to CTFT, Stevens comments that she "was largely responsible for the post-war renaissance and stature of Off- Broadway." She goes on to remark that the inclusion of Jose Quintero in the original "circle" was due to her invitation to him, an old school-chum from California. Sheclaims to be "the" founder of the Villetta Players and the Loft Players, both in Woodstock, the two groups which, critics and historians acknowledge, became the Circle in the Square. In addition to her work with these three companies, cited above, she also functioned as stage manager, technical director and, for Circle in the Square, as company manager.


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