Harry Guardino Biography (1925-1995)

Born December 23, 1925, in Brooklyn, NY; died of lung cancer, July 17, 1995,in Palm Springs, CA. Actor. Harry Guardino is best remembered for his role opposite Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in the 1958 film Houseboat, for which he was awarded the Foreign Critics' Prize. In 1962 he was nominated for a GoldenGlobe Award for best supporting actor in The Pigeon That Took Rome. Guardinowas known for his tough-talking roles, including those of prosecutor HamiltonBurger in the 1973-74 season of The New Adventures of Perry Mason, and DannyTaylor in the 1964 series The Reporter. A native of Manhattan, Guardino began acting in local theater at the age of twelve. He enlisted in the U.S. Navyduring World War II, and fought in the South Pacific theater. He worked as avariety of odd jobs before landing his first screen role in Purple Heart Diary in 1951. Guardino later appeared in Lovers and Other Strangers (1970) and in Dirty Harry (1971). In 1981 he played opposite Lauren Bacall in the Broadway musical version of her 1942 movie Woman of the Year.

Birth Details
December 23, 1925
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Death Details
July 17, 1995
Palm Springs, California, United States

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