Jean Anouilh Biography (1910-1987)

Surname is pronounced "Ahn-wee"; full name, Jean Marie Lucien Pierre Anouilh;born June 23, 1910, in Bordeaux, France; died of a heart attack at Vaudois University Hospital Center, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 3, 1987; son of Francois (a tailor) and Marie-Magdeleine (a musician; maiden name, Soulue) Anouilh; married Monelle Valentin (an actress; divorced); married Nicole Lancon, July 30, 1953; children: (first marriage) Catherine; (second marriage) Caroline, Nicolas, Marie-Colombe. EXCEPTION: of a heart attack at Vaudois UniversityHospital Center, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 3, 1987.

Director Peter Brook, in the preface to Ring Around the Moon, said of Jean Anouilh: "{He} writes plays for performance rather than for paper.... His playsare recorded improvisations.... He is a poet, but not a poet of words: he isa poet of words-acted, of scenes-set, of players performing."

Several of the playwright's works have been adapted by others for film and television performances. Romeo and Jeannette was adapted and produced as Monsoon (United Artists, 1953); La Valse des toreadors became The Waltz of the Toreadors (Continental Distributing, 1962); and the 1963 Paramount film Becket was based on Lucienne Hill's translation of Becket, ou L'Honneur de Dieu. Television productions include "The Lark," 1956-57, and "Time Remembered," based on Patricia Moyes's translation of Leocadia, 1961, both on Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS; "Traveler without Luggage," on NET Playhouse, PBS, 1971; "Antigone,"Playhouse New York, PBS, 1972; and The Young Man and the Lion, PBS, 1976.

Birth Details
June 23, 1910
Bordeaux, France
Death Details
October 3, 1987
Lausanne, Switzerland

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