Jennifer O'Neill Biography (1948?-)

Full name, Jennifer Lee O'Neill; born February 20, 1948 (some sources cite 1947 or 1949), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; daughter of Oscar, Jr. (a medical supplies exporter) and Irene (some sources cite Renee; a homemaker) O'Neill; married David Rossiter (some sources cite first name as Deed; a photographer), c. 1965 (divorced, 1971); married Joseph Koster (an advertising executive andnovelist; divorced); married Nicholas De Noia (a choreographer, producer, director, writer, and actor), 1975 (divorced, 1976); married Jeff Barry (a songwriter; divorced); married John Lederer (a manager), c. 1977 (divorced, 1983);married James (a singer and songwriter), c. 1980s (divorced); married Neil Bonin (an actor), December 9, 1992 (divorced); married Mervin Louque (a songwriter and music club owner), 1997; children: (first marriage) Aimee; (fifth marriage) Reis Michael; (sixth marriage) Cooper Alan. Addresses: Office:Jennifer O'Neill Ministries, P.O. Box 543, Goodlettsville, TN 37070-0543.; Contact: c/o Oscar Productions, 1191 Cross Creek Dr., Franklin, TN 37067-4035.

Actress, writer, producer, composer
Birth Details
February 20, 1948?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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