Jean Boht Biography (1936-)

Surname is pronounced "boat"; born March 6, 1936, in Bebington, England; daughter of Thomas Herbert (a manufacturer's agent) and Edna May (MacDonald) Dance; married William P. Boht (divorced, 1970); married Carl Davis (a composer),December 28, 1970; children: Hannah Louise, Jessie Jo (first marriage). Addresses: AGENT--Peters, Fraser, and Dunlop, the Chambers, 5th Floor, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, London SW10 OXF, England.

Birth Details
March 6, 1936
Bebington, England

Famous Works

  • STAGE DEBUT--Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool, U.K., 1962.
  • LONDON DEBUT--Black straw hat girl, St. Joan of the Stockyards, Queen's Theatre, 1964, for twenty-one performances.
  • Mrs. Flarty and first woman, Hanky Park, Mermaid Theatre, London, 1971.
  • member of William Blake's family, Tyger, National Theatre Company, New Theatre, London, 1971.
  • Mrs. Ropeen Genockey, The Hostage, Theatre Workshop Company, Stratford Theatre Royal, London, 1972.
  • Eunice, Mecca, Open Space Theatre, London, 1977.
  • Mrs. Moore, In the Blood, Theatre Upstairs, London, 1978.
  • Sal, Wednesday, Bush Theatre, London, 1979.
  • Also appeared in The National Health, National Theatre Company, London, 1967; Mother Courage, Manchester Library Theatre, Manchester, U.K., 1968; Marie Lloyd, Lincoln Theatre Royal, Lincoln, U.K., 1968; Coventry Belgrade, RoyalCourt Theatre, London, 1969; Finest F' Family (Henry Livings), Lincoln Theatre Royal, 1969; Amphytrion, Mermaid Theatre, 1971; Paradise Lost, Royal CourtTheatre, 1974; Kennedy's Children, King's Head Theatre, London, 1974; Homageto Been Soup, Royal Court Theatre, 1975; Patty Hearst, 1976; Interaction Rupert Street, 1976; The Wild Duck, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London, 1980; Touched, Royal Court Theatre, 1980; To Come Home to This, Royal Court Theatre, 1981; Birds of Passage, Hampstead Theatre Club, London, 1983; Lost, Bush Theatre, 1986; Steel Magnolias, Lyric Theatre, London, 1989.
  • Mother, "Rapunzel's Story" in Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair, British Film Institute, 1975.
  • Betty, Arthur's Hallowed Ground, Cinecom International, 1983.
  • Mrs. Taswell, The Girl in a Swing, Nordisk, 1988.
  • Aunty Nell, Distant Voices, Still Lives, Avenue Entertainment/British Film Institute, 1988.
  • Also appeared in Meddle Not with Change, 1985.
  • Nellie Boswell, Bread, BBC-1, 1985-86.
  • MINI-SERIES Sal, A Perfect Spy, BBC, then Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1988.
  • Madame Joliet, "The 4:50 from Paddington," Agatha Christie's Miss Marple,BBC, then Mystery!, PBS, 1989.
  • Credits; EPISODIC
  • Bergerac, BBC-1.
  • Also appeared in The Boys from the Blackstuff, Sons and Lovers, Spyship,Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em, Last of the Summer Wine, Funny Man, Scully, JulietBravo, I Woke Up One Morning, Sweeney, Where Adam Stood, Cranford, and Arthur's Hallowed Ground.

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