Mirjana Jokovic Biography (1967-)

Born November 24, 1967, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Birth Details
November 24, 1967
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Poslednja trka, 1979
  • Tesna koza, 1982
  • Kamiondzije opet voze, 1984
  • (As Mira Jokovic) Jana, El camino del sur (also known as Journey to the South, Southbound, and Put na jug), 1988
  • Zaboravljeni, 1988
  • Estela, Eversmile, New Jersey (also known as Eterna sonrisa deNew Jersey), 1989
  • Dobrila, Das Serbische Maedchen (also known as The Serbian Girl and Srpkinja), Filmverlag der Autoren, 1991
  • Etel, Granica, 1991
  • Milica, Mala (also known as The Little One), 1992
  • Dunja, Liability Crisis, 1994
  • Anna, Vukovar poste restante (also known as Vukovar), Ster-Kinekor Pictures, 1994
  • Natalija Zovkov, Underground (also known as Once upon a Time There Was a Country, Bila jednam jedna zemlja, and Il etait une fois un pays), New Yorker Films, 1995
  • Sonja, Tri letnja dana (also known as Three Summer Days), 1997
  • (As Mirjana Penezic Jokovic) Elena Iscovescu, Side Streets, CargoFilms/nuMedien, 1998
  • Adrijana, Strsljen (also known as The Hornet, Le frelon, and Grenxa), Cinema Design Belgrade, 1998
  • Ana, Bure baruta (also known as Cabaret Balkan, The Powder Keg, and Baril de poudre), Paramount, 1998
  • Maid, Maid in Manhattan, Columbia, 2002
  • Tess, Private Property, Chiaroscuro Pictures, 2002
  • Television Appearances
  • Miniseries
  • Kalifornija, Sivi dom, 1986
  • Marija, Vreme cuda (also known as Time of Miracles), 1989
  • Other
  • Poslednje sovuljage i prvi petli, 1983
  • Price sa kraja hodnika, 1986
  • Baal, 1990
  • Salvi, A Better Way to Die (movie), HBO, 2000
  • Stage Appearances
  • Simone Frick, Mud, River, Stone, Playwrights Horizons Theatre, NewYork City, 1997
  • Member of chorus, Electra, McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ, then Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, both 1998
  • Seada, Necessary Targets, Variety Arts Theatre, New York City, 2002
  • Appeared with American Repertory Theatre as Dulle Griet, Full Circle; as Kattrin, Mother Courage; as Desdemona, Othello; as Natasha and Olga Knipper, Three Farces and a Funeral; and as Hermione, The Winter's Tale; also appeared in Awakening and Baal, bothYugoslav Drama Theatre; and in Wild Duck, National Theatre, Yugoslavia.
  • Videos
  • "For a Million," Songlines, 1989

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