Tcheky Karyo Biography (1953-)

Born October 4, 1953, in Istanbul, Turkey; raised in Paris, France; married Isabelle Pasco (an actress). Addresses: Agent: Artists Independent Network, 32 Tavistock St., London WC2E 7PB, England; Artmedia, 20, Ave. Rapp, Paris 75007, France.; Manager: Current Entertainment, 1411 Fifth St., Suite 405,Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Birth Details
October 4, 1953
Istanbul, Turkey

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Augustin, Le retour de Martin Guerre (also known as The Return of Martin Guerre), 1982
  • Toute une nuit (also known as All Night Long), World Artists, 1982
  • Sebaz, Que les gros salaires levent le doigt!!!, 1982
  • Petrovic, La balance (also known as The Nark), 1982
  • Xavier, La java des ombres, 1983
  • Francis Pierron, Le marginal (also known as The Outsider),Gaumont, 1983
  • Remi, Les nuits de la pleine lune (also known as Full Moon in Paris), 1984
  • Philippe, Contes clandestins, 1984
  • Robert, L'air du crime, 1984
  • Mode in France (also known as Mode en France), 1984
  • Le balafre/Andre, Le matelot 512 (also known as Able Seaman 512), 1984
  • Mickey, L'amour braque, 1985
  • Gerome Holm, Grottenolm, 1985
  • Michel, L'unique (also known as The Original), 1986
  • Franck, Bleu comme l'enfer, 1986
  • Bertrand, Etats d'ame, 1986
  • Etienne de Bourbon, Dominican monk, Le moine et la sorciere (alsoknown as Sorceress), 1987
  • Kino, Spirale (also known as Spiral), 1987
  • Tom-The Hunter, L'ours (also known as The Bear), Columbia/TriStar, 1988
  • Sylvain, La maison dans la dune (also known as The House on theDune), 1988
  • Julien Pierson, Australia, 1989
  • Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent et moi (also known as Vincent and Me), 1990
  • Vincent, La fille des collines, 1990
  • Eric Desange and Juan Bax, Corps perdus (also known as Cuerposperdidos), 1990
  • Bob, Nikita (also known as La femme Nikita), 1990
  • Slimene, Isabelle Eberhardt, 1991
  • Hermes, a knife master, A Grande Arte (also known as Exposure, High Art, and Knife Fighter), Miramax, 1991
  • Jean Vergier, L'affut (also known as On Guard), 1992
  • Paolo, La villa del venerdi (also known as Husbands and Lovers and In Excess), Vision, 1992
  • Pinzon, 1492: Conquest of Paradise (also known as 1492: Christophe Colomb, 1492: La conquete du paradis, and 1492: La conquista del paraiso), Paramount, 1992
  • Lieutenant Morhange, L'atlantide, SACIS, 1992
  • Trop pres des Dieux, 1992
  • A projectionist, La cite de la peur: Une comedie familiale (also known as Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy, La cite de la peur, and Le Film de les nuls), Sogepaq Distribution, 1994
  • Title role, Nostradamus (also known as Nostradamus--Prophezeiungen des Schreckens), Orion Home Video, 1994
  • Paul Delorme, L'ange noir (also known as The Black Angel),Avante Films, S.L., 1994
  • Kraft, Terra estrangeira (also known as Foreign Land), 1995
  • Detective Netah, Crying Freeman, Warner Bros., 1995
  • Lorenzo, Colpo di luna (also known as Moon Shadow), Telegroup, S.L., 1995
  • Fouchet, Bad Boys, Columbia, 1995
  • Goddard, Operation Dumbo Drop (also known as Dumbo Drop), Buena Vista, 1995
  • Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin, GoldenEye, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1995
  • Zadoc, Zadoc et le bonheur, 1995
  • Nickki, Innocent Obsession, 1995
  • Ernesto, Va' dove ti porta il cuore (also known as Follow YourHeart), Lusomundo, 1996
  • Renato, Passaggio per il paradiso (also known as Gentle into the Night, Passage to Paradise, and Passage pour le paradis),MC4 Productions, 1996
  • Federale Apolloni, Albergo Roma, Medusa Distribuzione, 1996
  • Jack, To Have and to Hold, 1997
  • Anton Depeaux, Addicted to Love (also known as Forlorn), Warner Bros., 1997
  • Chief Inspector Sauveur Christini, Dobermann, Medusa Distribuzione, 1997
  • Professor Larsen, Les mille merveilles de l'univers (also known asThe Thousand Wonders of the Universe), 1997
  • In and Out of Fashion, 1998
  • Harper, Que la lumiere soit (also known as Let There Be Light), AFMD, 1998
  • Nemrod, Babel, AFMD, 1998
  • Gabriel Chenoux, World of Moss (also known as My Life So Far), Miramax, 1999
  • B. B., Comme un poisson hors de l'eau (also known as Comme un poisson dans l'eau and Like a Fish Out of Water), SND, 1999
  • Commander James "Paladin" Tagger, Wing Commander (also known as Wing Commander: Space Will Never Be the Same), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1999
  • Dunois, Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (also known as Jeanne d'Arc and Joan of Arc), Columbia, 1999
  • Jacques Chevalier, Saving Grace, Fine Line, 2000
  • Semana Santa, 2000
  • Jean Villeneuve, The Patriot (also known as Der Patriot), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2000
  • Moliere, Le roi danse (also known as Der Koenig tanzt and The King Is Dancing), 2000
  • Jean-Pierre Richard, Kiss of the Dragon (also known as Le baiser mortel du dragon and KOD: Kiss of the Dragon), Fox Video, 2001
  • Roger, The Good Thief (also known as L'homme de la riviera), Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2002
  • Damaskinos, Blade II, 2002
  • Knight, Cinemagique, Walt Disney Attractions, 2002
  • Muraya, 2002
  • Herve, Utopia, 2003
  • Dr. Serge Leveque, The Core (also known as Core), Paramount, 2003
  • The uncle, Blueberry (also known as The Adventure of Mike S Blueberry), 2004
  • Hugo Leclair, Taking Lives, Warner Bros., 2004
  • Un long dimanche de fiancailles (also known as A Very Long Engagement), Warner Bros., 2004
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Machinations, 1984
  • Paul Korbel, The Sketch Artist, Showtime, 1992
  • Dr. Willy Rozenbaum, And the Band Played On, HBO, 1993
  • Barreto, La regle du silence, 1993
  • Silas Marner, Les liens du coeur, 1996
  • Hank Symes, Habitat, Sci-Fi Channel, 1997
  • Black Coda, Arabian Nights, ABC, 2000
  • Miniseries
  • George Melles, From the Earth to the Moon, HBO, 1998
  • Episodic
  • Phillip, "Just Like That," Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries (also known as Red Shoe Diaries and Red Shoe Diaries 3: Another Woman's Lipstick), Showtime, 1992
  • Stage Appearances
  • Appeared in Tartuffe, Macbeth, and Othello, all withthe National Theatre of Strasbourg.

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