Burnett Guffey Biography (1905-1983)

Born May 26, 1905, in Del Rio, TN; died May 29, 1983, in Goleta, CA; married;children: two daughters. Career: Cinematographer and camera operator.Camera assistant, Fox, c. mid-1920s, then Famous-Players-Lasky, late 1920s;cinematographer, 1944-71. Awards, Honors: Academy Award, best cinematography--black & white, 1953, for From Here to Eternity; Academy Award nomination, best cinematography--black & white, 1956, for The Harder They Fall; Academy Award nomination, best cinematography--black &white, 1962, for Bird Man of Alcatraz; Academy Award nomination, bestcinematography--black & white, 1965, for King Rat; Academy Award,best cinematography, 1967, for Bonnie & Clyde..

Cinematographer, camera operator
Birth Details
May 26, 1905
Del Rio, Tennessee, United States
Death Details
May 29, 1983
Goleta, California, United States

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