Kevin Carlisle Biography (1935-)

Full name, Kevin Bruce Carlisle; born December 24, 1935, in Brooklyn, NY; sonof Theodore Daily and Ruth (Bardell) Carlisle.

Birth Details
December 24, 1935
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits; Television Work; Specials; Producer, Director, and Choreographer, Except Where Indicated
  • The Tony Awards Show, 1970.
  • The Academy Awards Show, 1972.
  • The Grammy Awards Show, 1973.
  • The Jerry Lewis Telethon, 1974, 1976.
  • Tokyo Music Festival, 1974, 1983.
  • The Junior Miss Pageant, 1974-78.
  • State Fair America, 1977.
  • The Great American Music Celebration, 1977.
  • The Rich Little Christmas Carol, 1978.
  • The 2nd Barry Manilow Special, 1978.
  • Choreographer, The 3rd Barry Manilow Special, 1979.
  • Choreographer, Solid Gold '79, 1980.
  • Tuscaloosa's Calling Me But I'm Not Going, 1980.
  • The Karen Morrow and Nancy Dussault Special, 1980.
  • The John Schneider Special, 1980.
  • Choreographer, The Beatrice Arthur Special, 1980.
  • Choreographer, Barry Manilow: One Voice, 1980.
  • Solid Gold Christmas Special, 1982.
  • Choreographer, The Rainbow Girl, 1982.
  • Battle of the Beat, 1983.
  • Choreographer, Pump Boys and Dinettes on Television, 1983.
  • The Debbie Reynolds Exercise Show, 1983.
  • Barry Manilow in Concert, Showtime, 1983.
  • Barry in Japan, TBS, 1983.
  • Barry at Blenheim, BBC, 1983.
  • The John Sebastian Special, 1986.
  • Producer and director, What a Day for a Daydream, The Disney Channel, 1986.
  • Director, The Mother-Daughter Pageant, 1987, syndicated, 1987.
  • Choreographer, Barry Manilow: Big Fun on Swing Street, 1988.
  • Producer and director, Barry Manilow: SRO on Broadway, Showtime, 1989.
  • Choreographer, Julie and Carol: Together Again (also known as AT & TPresents), ABC, 1989.
  • Director, The Jaleel White Special, ABC, 1992.
  • Also producer, director, and choreographer of Disney Golf Classic VarietySpecial, Disney Thanksgiving Special, The Jim Nabors Show, The Smothers Brothers Show, Nobody's Perfect, The Singers, The Sonny and Cher Show, Music fora Winter's Night, The Bing Crosby Special, The Jonathan Winters Special, Tennessee Ernie Ford Christmas Special, The Monty Hall Special, The Brass Are Coming, The Don Ho Special, The Bob Hope Special, Jack Benny Specials, Dick VanDyke Meets Bill Cosby, The Doris Day Special, The Jose Feliciano Special, TheDinah Shore Telethon, Bell Telephone Hour, Chevrolet Special, The Tony Bennett Special, and Gypsy Fever.
  • Foreign specials include A Christmas Carol, CBC; Vienna Ice Show, Carousel, and Wonderful Town, Belgium; Krona Circus, Germany; The Modern Jazz Quartet, France; Roy Castle, England; Sabato Serra, Italy; La Pelirroja, La tia deCarlos, Mexico; La Pelirroja, Spain; and Siempre Domingo, Austria.
  • Credits; Television Work; Series; Producer, Director, and Choreographer, Except Where Indicated
  • Coliseum Variety, CBS, 1967.
  • Dance director, What's It All About, World?, ABC, 1969.
  • Choreographer, Cos, ABC, 1976.
  • Choreographer, The Peter Marshall Variety Show, syndicated, 1977.
  • Choreographer, Sha Na Na, syndicated, 1978.
  • The New Quiz Kids, 1978.
  • The Little Show, 1978.
  • Choreographer, Solid Gold, syndicated, 1980-83.
  • Alice, CBS, 1984.
  • Benson, ABC, 1984.
  • Choreographer, Dream Girl USA, syndicated, 1986.
  • Also producer, director, and choreographer of The Garry Moore Show, CBS;The Dean Martin Show, NBC; and The Glen Campbell Show.
  • Credits; Stage Work
  • Choreographer, Hallelujah Baby!, 1968.
  • Choreographer, Barry Manilow on Broadway, 1983.
  • Director, Barry Manilow's Showstoppers, Paramount Theatre, New York City,1992.
  • Director and choreographer, Lamb Chop on Broadway, Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York City, 1994.
  • Choreographer, Wonderful Town, Freud Playhouse, University of Californiaat Los Angeles, 1997.
  • Choreographer for the Broadway productions Happy Time and Harry Blackstone, Jr. on Broadway; producer, director, and choreographer for concerts, including Kevin Carlisle's Sold Gold Dancers; Paul Anka, 1983; Barry Manilow-The Concert at Blenheim Palace; Melissa Manchester, 1983, 1984; Tammy Wynette, 1984; Solid Gold at Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, 1984, 1985; Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., 1984; Marilyn McCoo, 1984-87; Robert Guillaume, 1985-87; Cathy Rigby, 1985-86; Ed Bruce; Charly McClain; Group with No Name; Shari Lewis; Holly Lipton; Lettermen; Hank Williams Jr.; Judy Garland; An Evening with GeorgeBurns; The Mike Curb Congregation; Joey Heatherton; Liberace; Steve Lawrenceand Eydie Gorme; Connie Stevens; Shields and Yarnell; Karen Morrow and NancyDussault; Peter Marshall; and Janie Fricke. Tour work includes Barry Manilow's national tour, 1979-85; Barry Manilow's international tour, 1979-85; ShaunCassidy's national tour, 1979-80; and Harry Blackstone, Jr., 1980.
  • Credits; Film Work
  • Choreographer, The Pebble and the Penguin (animated), Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1995.

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