Daniel Day-Lewis Biography (1957-)

Full name, Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis; born April 20 (some sources cite April 29), 1957, in London, England; son of Cecil (a poet) and Jill (an actress; maiden name, Balcon) Day-Lewis; grandson of Sir Michael Balcon (a film studio executive); son-in-law of Arthur Miller (a playwright); brother of LydiaTamasin Day-Lewis (a filmmaker and writer); married Rebecca Miller (an actress, writer, and director), November 13, 1996; children: Ronan Cal, Cashel Blake; (with actress Isabelle Adjani) Gabriel-Kane. Addresses: Agent: Julian Belfrage Associates, 46 Albemarle St., London W1S 4DF, England.; Manager:Gene Parseghian, Parseghian/Planco Management, 23 East 22nd St., Suite 3, NewYork, NY 10010.

Actor, artist
Birth Details
April 20, 1957
London, United Kingdom

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