Victor Mature Biography (1915-1999)

Full name, Victor John Mature; born January 29, 1915 (some sources say 1913 and 1916), in Louisville, KY; died of cancer, August 23, 1999, in Rancho SantaFe, CA; son of M.G. (a businessman) and Clara Mature; married Frances Evans(an actress), January 30, 1938 (divorced 1941); born Martha Stephenson, June17, 1941 (divorced 1943); married Dorothy Stanford Berry, February 28, 1948 (divorced 1955); married Adrianne Joy Urwick (marriage ended); married Lorey (an opera singer), 1974; children: (fifth marriage) Victoria. Avocational interests: Golf. Career: Actor and producer. Previously worked as scissors grinder, a wholesale candy salesman, restauranteur, babysitter, dog walker, dishwasher, and other odd jobs. Military service: United StatesCoast Guard, chief boatswain's mate, 1942-45.

Actor, producer
Birth Details
January 29, 1915
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Death Details
August 23, 1999
Rancho Santa Fe, California, United States

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