David Selbourne Biography (1937-)

Born June 4, 1937, in London, England; son of Henri Armand Hugh (a physician)and Sulamith (Amiel) Selbourne. Addresses: Contact--c/o Xandra Hardie, 9 Elsworthy Terr., London NW3 3DR, England.

Birth Details
June 4, 1937
London, England

Famous Works

  • Writings;PLAYS
  • The Play of William Cooper and Edmund Dew-Nevett (three-act), produced atNorthcott Theatre, Exeter, England, 1968, published by Methuen, 1968.
  • The Two-Backed Beast (two-act), produced at Everyman Theatre, Liverpool,England, 1968, published by Methuen, 1969.
  • Dorabella (fourteen scenes), produced at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1969, published by Methuen, 1970.
  • Samson, produced at Soho Theatre, London, 1971, published by Calder &Boyars, 1970.
  • The Damned, published by Methuen, 1971.
  • Alison Mary Fagan, produced at Downstate Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand,1972, published by Calder & Boyars, 1971.
  • Class Play (one-act), produced at Round House Theatre, London, 1973, published by Hutchinson, 1973.
  • Three Class Plays (for children; includes three one-act plays), producedat Round House Theatre, 1973.
  • Two Plays for Children (both one-acts; includes "What's Acting?" and "Think of a Story, Quickly!"), produced at Cockpit Theatre, London, 1977, published by Edward Arnold, 1977.
  • A Woman's Trial (also known as Shrimatir Bichar) produced in Bengali at People's Little Theatre, Calcutta, India, 1982.
  • Also author of the unpublished and unproduced plays The Tragedy of Miss Rosie Rose, 1975, Gehenna, 1977, and Sunday Times, 1978.
  • Writings;OTHER
  • Brook's Dream: The Politics of Theatre, Action Books (London), 1974.
  • An Eye to China, Black Liberator Press (London), 1975, 2nd edition, Orient Longman, 1978.
  • An Eye to India: The Unmasking of a Tyranny, Penguin, 1977.
  • Through the Indian Looking-Glass: Selected Articles on India, 1976-1980,Zed Press, 1982.
  • The Making of a Midsummer Night's Dream: An Eye-Witness Account of PeterBrook's Production, Methuen, 1982.
  • Against Socialist Illusion: A Radical Argument, Macmillan, 1984.
  • (Editor) In Theory and in Practice: Essays on the Politics of JayaprakashNarayan, Oxford University Press (New Delhi), 1985, Oxford University Press(New York), 1986.
  • Left Behind: Journeys into British Politics, J. Cape, 1987.
  • A Doctor's Life: The Diaries of Hugh Selbourne, J. Cape, 1989.
  • Death of the Dark Hero: Eastern Europe, 1987-90, J. Cape, 1990.
  • Also author of The Spirit of the Age: An Account of Our Times, 1993.
  • Contributor to periodicals in England and the United States, including Harper's, New Statesman, New Society, Guardian, and World Press Review.

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