Thomas Kopache Biography (1945-)

Born October 17, 1945, in Manchester, NH; son of Dorothy E. (maiden name, Sterling) Kopache. Addresses: Agent: Geddes Agency, 8430 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Birth Details
October 17, 1945
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Warden, Hot Money (also known as Getting Centered, Goingfor Broke, The Great Madison County Robbery, Never Trust an Honest Thief, and Zen Business), Westfront Productions, 1979, 1983
  • Police officer, Without a Trace, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1982
  • Highway patrol officer, Strange Invaders, Orion, 1983
  • (As Tom Kopache) Truck driver, Home Free All, Almi Classics, 1983
  • Cory, Agent on Ice, 1985, Shapiro Entertainment, 1986
  • Television station man, Loose Cannons, TriStar, 1990
  • Dr. Parker, Liebestraum, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Pathe, 1991
  • Geiger counter vendor, This Boy's Life, Warner Bros., 1993
  • Mr. Wilson, Mr. Jones, TriStar, 1993
  • Communications officer, Star Trek: Generations (also known as Star Trek 7), Paramount, 1994
  • Mr. Simpson, Leaving Las Vegas, United Artists, 1995
  • Thorn McIntyre, Ghosts of Mississippi (also known as Ghosts from the Past), Columbia, 1996
  • Calhoun, Breakdown (also known as The Breakdown Mile), Paramount, 1997
  • (As Tom Kopache) Captain Trent, Recoil, PM Entertainment Group, 1997
  • Merv, One Night Stand, New Line Cinema, 1997
  • Father Durning, Stigmata, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1999
  • Principal Evans, Catch Me If You Can, DreamWorks, 2002
  • Student, Reality School (short film), Hypnotic Films, 2002
  • Chief Neal, A Man Apart (also known as Extreme Rage), New Line Cinema, 2003
  • Killian, Hard Scrambled, New Visions Fellowship, 2004
  • Mr. Duke, Ten 'til Noon, 2005
  • Frank Patton, 110%: When Blood, Sweat and Tears Are Not Enough, 2006
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Bob Slattery, The West Wing, NBC, 2001-2004
  • Miniseries
  • Mike O'Rourke, People Like Us, NBC, 1990
  • Movies
  • Squad leader, The Red Spider, 1988
  • Carl Fitzpatrick, A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (alsoknown as Till Murder Do Us Part), CBS, 1992
  • Blood bank executive, And the Band Played On, HBO, 1993
  • Dr. Mason, For Their Own Good, 1993
  • Mason, Hart to Hart Returns, NBC, 1993
  • Steve Dahlberg, A Case for Murder, USA Network, 1993
  • (As Tom Kopache) Arlo Trask, Children of the Dark, 1994
  • Ray Keyes, Breaking Through (also known as After the Silence and Breaking Free), ABC, 1996
  • Arlo, All Lies End in Murder (also known as Behind Every Good Man), 1997
  • Specials
  • Mr. Carter, Professor Willard, Constable Warren, and Farmer McCarty, "OurTown," Great Performances, PBS, 1989
  • Janos, "Miss Rose White," Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC, 1992
  • Dr. Darrold Treffert, On Trial, NBC, 1994
  • Jed, "Journey," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 1995
  • Episodic
  • Cab driver, Another World, NBC, 1983
  • Carl, Guiding Light, CBS, 1985
  • Grady, "On the Night He Was Betrayed," Spenser: For Hire, ABC, 1987
  • Dr. Miles, "Spleen It to Me, Lucy," L.A. Law, NBC, 1991
  • (As Tom Kopache) Sam Drucker, "Mushrooms," Law & Order, NBC, 1991
  • Donald Bobeck, "Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places," Roseanne, ABC, 1992
  • Mirok, "The Next Phase," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as The Next Generation and Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1992
  • Second reporter, "No Man Loyal and Neutral," Homefront, ABC, 1992
  • Chief, "Dead-End for Delia," Fallen Angels (also known as Perfect Crimes), Showtime, 1993
  • (As Tom Kopache) Hughes, "Friday the 13th," Sirens, ABC, 1993
  • Sawyer, "Endangered Species," Bodies of Evidence, CBS, 1993
  • Engineer, "Emergence," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also knownas The Next Generation and Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1994
  • Sal DalBazzo, "Dirty Deeds," The John Larroquette Show, NBC, 1994
  • Tu'Pari, "The Parliament of Dreams," Babylon 5, syndicated, 1994
  • "Family Values," Law & Order, NBC, 1994
  • Dr. Leland O'Conner, "Chapter Three," Murder One, ABC, 1995
  • Dr. Stevens, "And the Winner Is ... ," Melrose Place, Fox, 1995
  • Dr. Stevens, "Melrose Impossible," Melrose Place, Fox, 1995
  • General Thomas Callahan, "The Walk," The X-Files, Fox, 1995
  • Leonard, "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1995
  • Viorsa, "The Thaw," Star Trek: Voyager (also known as Voyager), UPN, 1996
  • Kaplinger, "The Last Five Pounds Are the Hardest," The Burning Zone, UPN, 1997
  • Kira Taban, "Ties of Blood and Water," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine(also known as Deep Space Nine, DS9, and Star Trek: DS9), syndicated, 1997
  • Terry Albright, "Citizen Canine," Total Security, ABC, 1997
  • "Power Corrupts," Profiler, NBC, 1997
  • Dr. Stanford Forsythe, "The Gettysburg Virus," 7 Days, UPN, 1998
  • Kira Taban, "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night," Star Trek: Deep SpaceNine (also known as Deep Space Nine, DS9, and Star Trek: DS9), syndicated, 1998
  • Mr. Schramm, "Body Count," The Practice, ABC, 1998
  • Mr. Abbott, "See Dharma Run," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 1999
  • Attorney, "The Getaway," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2001
  • Denver, "Reprise," Angel, The WB, 2001
  • Dr. Harold Manning, "Honor Code," The Practice, ABC, 2001
  • Dr. Thompson, "Separation," Family Law, CBS, 2001
  • Irwin Slater, "To Walk on Wings," JAG, CBS, 2001
  • Mr. Purcell, "Hero," The Division, Lifetime, 2001
  • Mr. Willoughby (some sources cite James Jasper), "You've Got Male," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as CSI), CBS, 2001
  • Ellori, "Prophecy," Stargate SG-1, Sci-Fi Channel and syndicated,2003
  • Ike Gukor, "Babylon," Carnivale, HBO, 2003
  • Judge Seymour, "Final Judgment," The Practice, ABC, 2003
  • The alien, "Harbinger," Enterprise (also known as Star Trek: Enterprise), UPN, 2004
  • Judge Dale Wallace, "Change of Course," Boston Legal, ABC, 2004
  • Judge Dale Wallace, "A Greater Good," Boston Legal, ABC, 2004
  • Creepy guy/God, "Jump," Joan of Arcadia, CBS, 2004
  • Michael Wilkins, "Omissions," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2004
  • Paul Danner, "American Dreamers," CSI: NY (also known as CSI: New York), CBS, 2004
  • Vic Feldspar, "Living Will," Malcolm in the Middle, Fox, 2005
  • Appeared as Judge Boyle, Ally McBeal, Fox; as Ralph Pistone, Michael Hayes, CBS; as Judge Letts, The Practice, ABC; as Lawrence Mason, Six Feet Under, HBO; and in Civil Wars, ABC.
  • Pilots
  • Tos, Enterprise: Broken Bow (also known as Star Trek Enterprise: Broken Bow), UPN, 2001
  • Stage Appearances
  • Conrade, Much Ado about Nothing, San Diego Shakespeare Festival, San Diego, CA, 1970
  • The emperor, The Architect and Emperor of Assyria, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, New York City, 1976
  • Macbeth, Macbeth, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1977
  • Butcher, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (also known as ArturoUi), La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1978
  • Prospero, The Tempest, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1978
  • Scipio, Caligula, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1978
  • Wagner, Faust, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1978
  • Morris, The Bloodknot, Syracuse Stage, Syracuse, NY, then Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, both 1979
  • Recruiting officer, Mother Courage, Center Stage, Baltimore, MD, 1980
  • George, Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria, Manhattan Theatre Club,Stage 73, New York City, 1981
  • Harry Roat, Wait Until Dark, Wye Mills Theatre, 1981
  • Rover, Hurrah for the Bridge, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, 1981
  • First presser, The Workroom, Center Stage, 1982
  • Ioga, The Extravagant Triumph ... , INTAR Hispanic American Theatre, New York City, 1982
  • Kevin Morrow, Friends Too Numerous to Mention, Jewish Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1982
  • Macduff, Macbeth, Shakespeare and Company, 1982
  • Pedro, The Senorita from Tacna, INTAR Hispanic American Theatre, 1982
  • Bob Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, Indiana Repertory Company, 1983
  • The dark man, The Woman, Center Stage, 1983
  • Deeley, Old Times, Indiana Repertory Company, 1983
  • Morris, The Bloodknot, New Stage, 1983
  • Westmoreland, Henry IV, Parts I and II, Indiana Repertory Company,1983
  • Coach, Baseball Play, Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York City, 1984
  • Jack, Plainsong, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1984
  • Waiter, doctor, Kovacs, and barber, The Danube, American Place Theatre, New York City, 1984
  • Jimmy, Cayuses, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 1985
  • Polixenes, The Winter's Tale, Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, NewYork City, 1985
  • Dr. Bailey, Buford Bullough, and Griswold Plankman, Laughing Stock, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1987
  • Smith, The Last Temptation of Joe Hill, INTAR Hispanic American Theatre, Stage 2, New York City, 1988
  • Titus Lartius, Coriolanus, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, Anspacher Theatre, New York City, 1988
  • Mr. Carter, Professor Willard, Constable Warren, and Farmer McCarty, Our Town, Lyceum Theatre, New York City, 1988-89
  • Mr. Dubinsky, first man and understudy for Jabe Torrance, Orpheus Descending, Neil Simon Theatre, New York City, 1989
  • Julian, "The Encanto File," The Encanto File and Other Short Plays, Women's Project and Productions, Judith Anderson Theatre, New York City, 1991
  • Karl Streber, Temporary Help, Long Wharf Theatre, 1991
  • Karl Streber, Temporary Help, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle, WA,1999
  • (As Tom Kopache) Creon, Antigone, Circus Theatricals Studio Ensemble, Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2003
  • (As Tom Kopache) Duke Senior, As You Like It, Circus Theatricals Studio Ensemble, Lex Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 2003
  • Major Tours
  • The emperor, The Architect and Emperor of Assyria, European cities, 1976

Further Reference


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