Fayard Nicholas Biography (1914-)

Full name, Fayard Antonio Nicholas; born October 20, 1914, in Mobile, AL; sonof Ulysses Domonick (a drummer and orchestra leader) and Viola (a piano player and orchestra leader; maiden name, Harden) Nicholas; brother of Harold Nicholas (a dancer with whom he formed the Nicholas Brothers); married GeraldinePate, January, 1942 (divorced, c. 1955); married Lee Braton (an attorney; marriage ended); married Barbara January, September 17, 1967 (died March 7, 1998); married Katherine Hopkins (an entertainer and yoga instructor), 2000; children: (first marriage) Anthony Fayard, Paul Didier; (third marriage) Nina. Addresses: Contact: c/o 2109 South Wilbur Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Dancer, choreographer, actor, singer
Birth Details
October 20, 1914
Mobile, Alabama

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