Jonathan Reynolds Biography (1942-)

Full name, Jonathan Randolph Reynolds; born February 13, 1942, in Fort Smith,AR; son of Donald Worthington (a newspaper publisher) and Edith (Remick) Reynolds; married Charlotte Link Kirk (a real estate agent), June 10, 1978; children: Frank, Edward. Addresses: Contact--c/o Kazarian, Spencer and Associates, 11365 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604-3148.

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February 13, 1942
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States

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Kathryn Knapp Mcneil
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Nov 12, 2017 @ 8:20 pm
Jonathan, Jonathon, Jonathan. As talk of sexual abuse swirls through the media, I can’t help but think of you== as I always do when the subject comes up, low these fifty plus years. You were young,but you were effective, achieving the distinction of being the first ( though not the last) man I ever slapped in the face for presuming he was irresistible. Wonder if you experience the tiniest pang when the subject comes up. Don’t know If I was the first, but I doubt very much I was the last to experience the shock of your audacity. Just listened to your old Charlie Rose interview and.was taken by your disdain for victimhood. Do you remember I chose to be stranded in the dark in a snowstorm at Buckeye Lake rather than be your victim? Those were the good old days.

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