Ralph Waite Biography (1928?-)

Born June 22, 1928 (some sources cite 1929), in White Plains, NY; son of Ralph H. (a construction engineer) and Esther (maiden name, Mitchell) Waite; married Beverly Hall, 1951 (divorced, 1966); married Kerry Shear, 1972 (divorced,1980); married Linda East (an interior decorator), December 4, 1982; children: (second marriage) Kathleen, Suzanne, Liam.

Actor, director, producer, writer
Birth Details
June 22, 1928?
White Plains, New York, United States

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I loved watching The Waltons when I was growing up in the '70s. I remember I could hardly wait for the next weeks' episode to air. I have always felt I would have been very happy growing up and living during The Great Depression. Watching the way John and Olivia interacted with the children and Grandma and Grandpa was wonderful. I must confess, my Dad(who is 82)and I still love watching the reruns. While watching the shows, I feel so much love and wish I could have been a part of the family (The Waltons). As for Earl Hamner, I have always loved his voice and would liked to have seen a picture of him. I wish children today could have had the experience of watching the show, but unfortunately people today do not take time to find good TV shows to sit and watch with their children. The Waltons will always be the best and my favorite TV show. Just this week, I picked up copies of Thanksgiving video and The Christmas Carol. Loved seeing them again. Both movies brought tears to my eyes. Wish I could have met all of the characters from the show...
Frankie Hobbs
I am 75 and retired. When I was younger I worked and had things to do at home so I never watched "The Waltons" but I have found them on Hallmark and Insp and hardly ever fail to watch the show sometimes I have seen the same ones several times and even tho I know how it is going to end I still enjoy watching it. I wish our young people of today could have grown up like they did and had the respect for each other and their parents like the Waltons. I loved grandma and grandpa too and I was sad when they were no longer on.
We sure need more nice clean programs on tv in fact I hardly watch the other channels. Thank you and "good night" to the Waltons.

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