Derek Jarman Biography (1942-1994)

Born January 31, 1942, in Northwood, Middlesex, England; died of complications associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), February 19, 1994, in London, England. Director, designer, producer, actor, and writer. As anindependent filmmaker, Jarman is perhaps best known for his direction of low-budget films influenced by his homosexuality. He began working in the theater as a designer for such productions as Jazz Calendar and Don Giovanni, laterdesigning as well as directing the opera L'ispirazione. He appeared in films, including Prick Up Your Ears, Nighthawks, and Derek Jarman: You Know What IMean. As a director, Jarman had a hand in crafting films such as T. G.--Psychic Rally in Heaven, The Dream Machine, Edward II, Wittgenstein, and Blue. Healso wrote the screenplays for many of the films he directed, including Sebastiane, The Tempest, The Garden, Jubilee, Caravaggio, and the narrative textof War Requiem. Furthermore, Jarman produced several of his own motion pictures, also working as cinematographer and editor for In the Shadow of the Sun,and serving as cinematographer and director of Imaging October. Jarman has written several books, including Dancing Ledge and two memoirs, Modern Nature and At Your Own Risk.

director, designer, producer, actor, writer
Birth Details
January 31, 1942
Northwood, Middlesex, England
Death Details
February 19, 1994
London, England

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