Eddie Lawrence Biography (1921-)

Addresses: Home: 435 E. 57th Street, New York, NY, 10022.

SIDELIGHTS: "Eddie Lawrence has enjoyed a colorful and adventurous career; after returning from directing and writing a series of shows for the American Expeditionary Stations in World War II, he teamed up with Marley to form the Lawrence and Marley comedy radio show. He has also written comedy material for Bert Lahr, Jack E. Leonard, and Sid Caesar. Lawrence did a nightly newscast during the Second World War from a hut near Caserta, Italy. In1945, it was the only English news that came in loud and clear in Yalta. Onenight, Mr. Churchill lit up his after-dinner cigar and beckoned to Mr. Roosevelt, mumbling 'Well, let's see what Sergeant Lawrence has to say to us tonight.' There were witnesses."

actor, director, writer, lyricist
Birth Details
March 2, 1921
New York, New York

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