Sandra Dee Biography (1942-)

Real name, Alexandra Zuck; born April 23, 1942, in Bayonne, NJ; daughter of Mary Douvan; married Bobby Darin (a singer and actor), December 1, 1960 (divorced March 7, 1967); children: Dodd. Career: Actress, singer, and model. Harry Conover and Huntington Hartford Agencies, New York, model, 1954-56, then U-I, 1957; appeared in television commercials; launched a skin care linecalled NuEssence, 1996, via Infomercials. Awards, Honors: Golden GlobeAward, most promising newcomer-female, 1958.

Actress, singer, model
Birth Details
April 23, 1942
Bayonne, New Jersey, United States

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