Wilson John Haire Biography (1932-)

Born April 6, 1932, in Belfast, Northern Ireland; son of Wilson (a carpenter)and Annie (Boyce) Haire; married Rita Lenson, 1955 (divorced); married Sheila Baron, 1974 (divorced); married Karen Elizabeth Mendelsohn (divorced); married Gloria Condino DeLuna (a cook), January 6, 1988; children: Lilah, Sean, Morris, Liam, Patrick. Addresses: HOME--61 Lulot Gardens, Highgate, London N19 5TS, England.

Wilson John Haire told CTFT that he is currently working on three one-act plays and a "hefty novel." After completing these, he will begin work on "a longepic poem--something I have been thinking about for ten years."

Birth Details
April 6, 1932
Belfast, Northern Ireland

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