Herbert Wise Biography (1924-)

Original name, Herbert Weisz; born August 31, 1924, in Vienna, Austria; son of Zsiga and Juliska (maiden name, Stern) Weisz; married Moira Redmond, 1963 (divorced, 1972); married Fiona Walker, 1988; stepchildren: (second marriage)Susannah Walker, Charlie Walker. Addresses: Manager: CCA Management, 7St. George's Sq., London SW1V 2HX, England.

Director, actor
Birth Details
August 31, 1924
Vienna, Austria

Famous Works

  • Television Director
  • Miniseries
  • Elizabeth R, BBC (England), 1971, then PBS, 1972
  • Vienna 1900 (also known as Vienna 1900: Games with Love and Death), BBC, 1973, then PBS, 1975
  • I, Claudius, BBC, 1976, then on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1977
  • Rumpole of the Bailey, Series I, PBS, 1980
  • Death of an Expert Witness, PBS, 1983
  • Strange Interlude, PBS, 1987
  • A New Lease of Death (also known as Ruth Rendell Mysteries: A New Lease of Death), 1991
  • Ruth Rendell: The Strawberry Tree, 1996
  • (As Herbie Wise) The 10th Kingdom (also known as Das Zehnte Koenigreich), NBC, 2000
  • Movies
  • The Gathering Storm (also known as Churchill, the Gathering Storm and Walk with Destiny), NBC, 1974
  • Skokie (also known as Once They Marched through a Thousand Towns), CBS, 1981
  • Pope John Paul II (also known as The Pope), CBS, 1984
  • Reunion at Fairborough, HBO, 1985
  • Welcome Home, Bobby, CBS, 1986
  • The Woman in Black, 1989, then Arts and Entertainment, 1991
  • Specials
  • The Norman Conquests: Table Manners, PBS, 1978
  • The Norman Conquests: Living Together, PBS, 1978
  • The Norman Conquests: Round and Round the Garden, PBS, 1978
  • Julius Caesar (also known as The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar), PBS, 1979
  • Breaking the Code, PBS, 1996
  • Episodic
  • "All That Glitters," Man in a Suitcase, ABC, 1967
  • "For Love of Love," Upstairs, Downstairs, 1971, then PBS, 1974
  • "The Landlady," Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected), NBC, 1979
  • "Pattern of Guilt," Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected), NBC, 1982
  • "A Man with a Fortune," Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected), NBC, 1982
  • "The Ghost in the Machine," Inspector Morse, Series III, PBS, 1990
  • "The Best Man to Die," Ruth Rendell Mysteries, 1990
  • "The Speaker of Mandarin," Ruth Rendell Mysteries, 1992
  • "Appropriate Adults," A Touch of Frost, ITV (England), 1995
  • "The Twilight of the Gods," Inspector Morse, Series IX, PBS, 1996
  • "The Devil's Novice," Cadfael (also known as Brother Cadfael), 1996
  • "St. Peter's Fair," Cadfael (also known as Brother Cadfael), 1997
  • "The Daughters of Cain," Inspector Morse, Series IX, PBS, 1998
  • "Chasing Shadows," The Bill, 1999
  • "Crush," The Bill, 2001
  • "Liquid City," The Bill, 2001
  • Directed "Family Matters" and "Live and Learn," episodes of Noah's Ark; also directed episodes of Covington Cross (also known as Charring Cross), ABC, and Z Cars, BBC.
  • Other
  • Parson's Pleasure (also known as Thirty-Minute Theatre: Parson's Pleasure), 1965
  • The Siege of Manchester (also known as Theatre 625: The Siege of Manchester), 1965
  • Doctor Knock (also known as Theatre 625: Doctor Knock), 1966
  • The Fastest Draw (also known as Out of the Unknown: The FastestDraw), 1966
  • Trelawney of the Wells (also known as Play of the Month: Trelawney of the Wells), 1972
  • Mrs. Warren's Profession (also known as Stage 2: Mrs. Warren'sProfession), 1972
  • A Story to Frighten the Children (also known as Play for Today:A Story to Frighten the Children), 1976
  • The Christmas Tree, 1986
  • Three of a Kind (pilot), ABC, 1989
  • Director of more than 300 other British television programs, including Man of Straw.
  • Television Appearances
  • Specials
  • Himself, The John Thaw Story, 2002
  • Film Director
  • To Have and to Hold (also known as Edgar Wallace Mysteries: ToHave and to Hold), Anglo-American Film Distributors, 1963
  • The Lovers, British Lion Films, 1973
  • Stage Director
  • While the Sun Shines, Shrewsbury, England, 1950
  • So What about Love, Criterion Theatre, London, 1969
  • I Want to Marry a Goldwyn Girl, Manchester, England, 1970

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