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Addresses: Home: 200 E. 17th Street, New York, NY, 10003; Agent: Robert Youdelman (attorney), 3 E. 54th Street, New York, NY, 10022.

"In my formative years (10-20) Buddy Bradley was the single most important influence on my professional life and to some extent on my social development.Not only did he teach me to be a very good dancer (tap) but he introduced meto the writings of Langston Hughes, jazz music (we danced to Dizzy Gillespierecords), The Chicago Defender and Ebony, (what other English kid knew of the Black American Press?), the ballet (I was strictly show biz and had at that time little interest in ballet), Wimbledon Tennis, the legit theatre. He also encouraged me to write songs and the exposure he gave me to jazz music still stands me in good stead today with lyrical rhythms and meter.

"I love America and live here because it is the only truly multi-racial society today. I feel strongly that American writers in the theatre should reflectthis multi-racial, multi-ethnic society. There are times, of course, when for dramatic purposes roles have to be cast ethnically, but in the vast majority of cases, when a play or musical is not concerned with specific ethnic groups, I feel strongly that roles should be cast across the board. In this respect, strangely enough, the theatre seems to be lagging far behind national television, due, it seems, to the indifference of the successful Broadwaywriters and dramatists.

"I love class! Lena Horne has it (in abundance), so does Johnny Carson, Reggie Jackson, Julius Irving, Carl Rowan, the Kennedys, Elizabeth Drew, Mayor Andy Young.

"Friendships are the most important human relationships--friends are the 'family one chooses.'"

composer, lyricist, playwright, dancer, actor, choreographer

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