Conchata Ferrell Biography (1943-)

Full name, Conchata Galen Ferrell; born March 28, 1943, in Loudendale (some sources cite Charleston), WV; daughter of Luther Martin and Mescal Loraine (maiden name, George) Ferrell; married Arnold A. Anderson; children: Samantha F.Addresses: Agent: Paradigm, 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA90067-4003.

Actress, acting teacher and coach
Birth Details
March 28, 1943
West Virginia, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • April Green, The Hot L Baltimore, ABC, 1975
  • Wilhemina Johnson (The Fox), B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979-1980
  • Vangie Cruise, McClain's Law, NBC, 1980-1981
  • Head nurse Joan Thor, E/R, CBS, 1984-1985
  • Katie Galindo, Peaceable Kingdom, CBS, 1989
  • Susan Bloom, L.A. Law, NBC, 1991-1992
  • Madeline Stoessinger, Hearts Afire (also known as Capitol Hill and D.C.), CBS, 1993-1995
  • Marge, Townies, ABC, 1996
  • Aunt Pam, Teen Angel, ABC, 1997
  • Martha, Push, Nevada, ABC, 2002
  • Also appeared in the series This Is the Life.
  • Movies
  • Nurse Rhinehart, The Girl Called Hatter Fox (also known as LostLegacy), CBS, 1977
  • Rita Parsons, A Death in Canaan, CBS, 1978
  • Dodie Hart, Who'll Save Our Children?, CBS, 1978
  • The Orchard Children, 1978
  • Marge, Before and After, ABC, 1979
  • Bliss, 1979
  • Helen, Rape and Marriage--The Rideout Case, CBS, 1980
  • Toni Owens, Reunion, CBS, 1980
  • Hazel Dawson, The Seduction of Miss Leona (also known as To Love Again), CBS, 1980
  • Nurse Sylvia Kaye, Emergency Room, syndicated, 1983
  • Mili Simonecu, Nadia, syndicated, 1983
  • Captain Burnsite, Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice, 1983
  • Dr. Gardner, The Three Wishes of Billy Grier, ABC, 1984
  • Ida Sinclair, Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story, CBS, 1986
  • Mary, Eye on the Sparrow, 1987
  • Mary Mull, "Portrait of a White Marriage" (also known as Martin Mull in Scenes from a White Marriage, Portrait of a White Marriage, andScenes from a White Marriage), Cinemax, 1988
  • Mononaghee, Your Mother Wears Combat Boots (also known as YourMother Wears Army Boots), NBC, 1989
  • Mrs. Bixby, Goodbye, Miss 4th of July, The Disney Channel, 1989
  • Flo, Opposites Attract (also known as Running Mates), NBC,1990
  • Joan Waller, Deadly Intentions ... Again?, ABC, 1991
  • Ann Bedowski, Backfield in Motion, ABC, 1991
  • The 120-Volt Miracle, 1992
  • Dr. Kate Lowe, Sweet Dreams, NBC, 1995
  • Mama Cass, Stranger Inside, 2001
  • Bev, Amy & Isabelle (also known as Oprah Winfrey Presents:Amy and Isabelle), ABC, 2001
  • Specials
  • Mamie Trotter, "The Great Gilley Hopkins," CBS Afternoon Playhouse, CBS, 1981
  • Faye Doyle, "Miss Lonelyhearts," American Playhouse, PBS, 1983
  • Helen Potts, Picnic, Showtime, 1986
  • Aunt Jill, "Runaway Ralph," ABC Weekend Specials, ABC, 1988
  • Miniseries
  • Doc Norman, North Beach and Rawhide, CBS, 1985
  • Voice of Calamity Jane, The Wild West, 1993
  • Mrs. Elmsworth, "The Buccaneers," Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1995
  • Episodic
  • Rita Valdez, "Florida's Goodbye," Maude, 1974
  • Ella Mae White, "Crack Back," The Rockford Files, NBC, 1974
  • Miss Johnson, "Willona, the Fuzz," Good Times, CBS, 1977
  • Bitsy, "Disco Baby/Alas, Poor Dwyer/After the War/Ticket to Ride/Itsy Bitsy: Parts 1 & 2," The Love Boat, ABC, 1979
  • Mother, "The Hitchhiker: Parts 1 & 2," Knots Landing, 1981
  • Myra Wexler, "Drifters," Lou Grant, CBS, 1981
  • "Into the Murdering Mind," Quincy, M.E., 1982
  • Gina Barnett, "Hearts," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1983
  • Mother, "Thumbelina," Faerie Tale Theatre, 1984
  • Mrs. Reese, "The Sisters," Matlock, NBC, 1986
  • Judge Grim, "Jagged Sledge," Sledge Hammer!, 1987
  • Jan Rudy, "The Bridge," Frank's Place, CBS, 1987
  • Nurse, "Here's to You Mrs. Robinson," Night Court, NBC, 1987
  • "The Snitch," Hooperman, 1988
  • Lorna Landsberg, "Hard Roll Express," L.A. Law, NBC, 1988
  • Frances, "Housekeeper's Unite," Who's the Boss?, ABC, 1988
  • Harriet Lundgren, "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1989
  • Annie, "The Hot Dog Man," Hard Time on Planet Earth, 1989
  • Dr. Ruth Colquist, "Significant Others," Hearts Afire (also knownas Capitol Hill and D.C.), CBS, 1992
  • Dr. Ruth Colquist, "Conversations with My Shrink," Hearts Afire (also known as Capitol Hill and D.C.), CBS, 1992
  • Voice of Shelly, Dinosaurs, 1992
  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, 1992
  • Bobby Gutner, "Honeymoon Hideaway," Cobra, 1993
  • Mrs. Chattle, "Keeping the Peace," Sirens, 1993
  • Voice of Roxanne, "Joking the Chicken," Duckman (animated), 1994
  • Voice of Roxanne, "Days of Whining and Neurosis," Duckman (animated), 1995
  • Rue Williams, "The Way Things Never Were," John Grisham's The Client (also known as The Client), CBS, 1995
  • Mrs. Daisy Gotschel, "The Ungrateful Dead," Minor Adjustments, NBC, 1995
  • Lureen Smith, "Miracle at Middle Creek," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1995
  • Lureen Smith, "Ask Doctor Ron," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1996
  • Nurse Ruthie Greenleigh, "Go Fish," Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TheWB, 1997
  • Hollywood publicist, "Muddy for Nothing," The Naked Truth, c. 1997
  • Irene, "The Medium and the Message," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1998
  • Shawn's mother, "Two Guys, a Girl, and Valentine's Day," Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, ABC, 1999
  • Deanne, "Second Sight," JAG, CBS, 1999
  • Judge, "The One with Joey's Porsche," Friends, NBC, 1999
  • Mrs. Patterson, "Crying's Okay," Chicken Soup for the Soul, PAX, 1999
  • Rosa Hernandez, "Support," Get Real, Fox, 2000
  • "Answered Prayers," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 2000
  • Voice of Ma Munchapper, "Root of Evil," Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (animated; also known as Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), UPN and syndicated, 2000
  • Voice of Ma Munchapper, "Bunzel Fever," Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (animated; also known as Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), UPN and syndicated, 2000
  • Voice of Ma Munchapper, "Revenge of the Raenoks," Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (animated; also known as Disney/Pixar's Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), UPN and syndicated, 2000
  • Calamity Jane, "The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated," Popular, The WB, 2001
  • Voice of Dr. Greer, "The Next Gen," The Zeta Project, The WB, 2001
  • Nurse Lucy, "I Know Why the Caged Rhino Sings," Going to California, Showtime, 2001
  • Mrs. Jenkins, "Four Corners," ER, NBC, 2001
  • Bus driver, "Guilty!," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The WB, 2002
  • Voice of grizzly bear, "The Wild Snob-Berry," The Wild Thornberrys(animated), 2003
  • Also appeared in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (animated), Nickelodeon.
  • Pilots
  • Nurse Cassidy, Mixed Nuts, ABC, 1977
  • Connie, The Rag Business, ABC, 1978
  • Katie, "Old Money," CBS Summer Playhouse, CBS, 1988
  • Hollywood Dog (animated), Fox, 1990
  • Film Appearances
  • Barbara Schlesinger, Network, United Artists, 1976
  • Slugger Ann, Deadly Hero, Avco Embassy, 1976
  • Elinore Randall Stewart, Heartland, Filmhaus, 1980
  • Faye Doyle, Miss Lonelyhearts, H. Jay Holman/American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies, 1983
  • Mother Marta, Where the River Runs Black, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1986
  • Mrs. Bobrucz, For Keeps (also known as Maybe Baby), TriStar, 1988
  • Leona Valsouano, Mystic Pizza, Samuel Goldwyn, 1988
  • Martha Burke, Chains of Gold, Academy, 1990
  • Helen, Edward Scissorhands, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1990
  • Mrs. Romeyou, Family Prayers, Arrow Releasing, 1993
  • Mary Louise Ravencroft, True Romance, Warner Bros., 1993
  • Bernice, Heaven & Earth (also known as Entre ciel et terre), Warner Bros., 1993
  • Samurai Cowboy, 1993
  • Nurse, A Worn Path, 1994
  • Woman truck driver, My Fellow Americans, Warner Bros., 1996
  • Mrs. Sheets, Freeway, 1996
  • Virginia Worrel, Touch, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1997
  • Nico's mom, Modern Vampires (also known as Revenant), Sterling Home Entertainment, 1998
  • Bella, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, United Artists, 2000
  • Brenda, Erin Brockovich, MCA/Universal, 2000
  • Betty McAllister, K-PAX, MCA/Universal, 2001
  • Jan, Mr. Deeds, Columbia, 2002
  • Stage Appearances
  • Maid, The Three Sisters, Circle Theatre, New York City, 1970
  • April, The Hot L Baltimore, Circle Theatre Company, Circle Theatre, then Circle in the Square, New York City, both 1973
  • Vee Talbot, Battle of Angels, Circle Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1974
  • Gertrude Blum, The Sea Horse, Circle Repertory Company, Westside Arts Theatre, New York City, 1974
  • Molly, Elephant in the House, Circle Repertory Company, 1975
  • Ann, Wine Untouched, 18th Street Playhouse, New York City, 1976
  • Here Wait, Los Angeles, 1980
  • Getting Out, Center Theatre Group, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles,1986
  • Helen Potts, Picnic, Center Theatre Group, Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, 1986
  • Naked at the Coast, Naked Angels Company, 1993
  • Also appeared in Time Framed, New York City.

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