Kate Reid Biography (1930-)

Full name, Daphne Kate Reid; born November 4, 1930, in London, England; daughter of Walter C. (a soldier) and Helen Isabel (Moore) Reid; married Austin Willis, July 13, 1953 (divorced, 1962); children: Reid, Robin. Addresses: OFFICE--14 Binsearth Road, Toronto, ON, Canada.AGENT--c/o Contemporary-Korman Artists, Ltd., 132 Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Birth Details
November 4, 1930
London, England

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • STAGE DEBUT--Daphne, Damask Cheek, Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • LONDON DEBUT--Lizzie, The Rainmaker, St. Martin's Theatre, 1956.
  • BROADWAY DEBUT--Martha, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1962.
  • Years Ago, Straw Hat Players, Gravenhurst, ON, Canada, 1948.
  • Catherine Ashland, The Stepmother, St. Martin's Theatre, London, 1958.
  • Caitlin Thomas, Dylan, Plymouth Theatre, New York City, 1964.
  • Martha, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, 1965.
  • Celeste, "The Mutilated," Moyla, "The Gnadiges Fraulein," on a bill as Slapstick Tragedy, Longacre Theatre, New York City, 1966.
  • medical officer, The Adventures of Private Turvey, mayor's wife, The Ottawa Man, both Confederation Memorial Centre, Charlottetown, PE, Canada, 1966.
  • writer's wife, What Do You Really Know about Your Husband?, Shubert Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1967.
  • Lady Kitty, The Circle, Shaw Festival, Court House Theatre, Niagra- on-the-Lake, ON, Canada, 1967.
  • Esther Franz, The Price, Morosco Theatre, New York City, 1968, then Dukeof York's Theatre, London, 1969.
  • Juno Boyle, Juno and the Paycock, Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, 1973.
  • Lily, The Freedom of the City, Eisenhower Theatre, Washington, DC, then Alvin Theatre, New York City, both 1974.
  • nurse, Romeo and Juliet, American Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, CT, 1974.
  • Big Mama, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, American Shakespeare Festival, then American National Theatre Academy Playhouse, New York City, both 1974.
  • Rummy Mitchens, Major Barbara, Shaw Festival, 1978.
  • Gwyneth Price, I Sent a Letter to My Love, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven,CT, 1978.
  • Henny, Bosoms and Neglect, Longacre Theatre, 1979.
  • Ida Bolton, Mornings at Seven, Lyceum Theatre, New York City, 1981.
  • Linda Loman, Death of a Salesman, Broadhurst Theatre, New York City, 1984.
  • Also appeared in Leaving Home, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1973; Mrs.
  • Warren's Profession, The Apple Cart, both Shaw Festival, 1976; The Corn Is Green, Alley Theatre, Houston, TX, 1977.
  • nurse, Romeo and Juliet, Helena, A Midsummer Night's Dream, both 1960.
  • Katherine, Henry VIII, Jacquenetta, Love's Labour's Lost, Elly Cassidy, The Canvas Barricade, all 1961.
  • Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Katharine, The Taming of the Shrew, both 1962.
  • Cassandra, Troilus and Cressida, Adriana, The Comedy of Errors, Lisa, Sister Marthe, Cyrano de Bergerac, all 1963.
  • Portia, Julius Caesar, Madame Ranevskaya, The Cherry Orchard, both 1965.
  • Gertrude, Hamlet, Masha, The Three Sisters, Esther, The Friends, 1970.
  • Henny, Bosoms and Neglect, 1980.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • Lizzie, The Rainmaker, U.K. cities, 1956.
  • appeared in Two Programs of Shakespearean Comedy, Canadian and U.S.
  • universities, 1962.
  • "An Enemy of the People," NET Playhouse, NET, 1966.
  • "Enemies," NET Playhouse, NET.
  • 1974.
  • Credits; SERIES
  • Marion Jaworski, Gavilan, NBC, 1982-83.
  • Aunt Lil Trotter, Dallas, CBS, 1983-86.
  • Credits; PILOTS
  • Julia Dayton, Hawkins on Murder, CBS, 1973.
  • Credits; MOVIES
  • Maggie Knowlton, She Cried Murder, CBS, 1973.
  • Lieutenant Shirley Ridgeway, Death among Friends, NBC, 1975.
  • Hilda, Loose Change, NBC, 1978.
  • Madame Blomart, The Blood of Others, HBO, 1984.
  • Linda Loman, Death of a Salesman, CBS, 1985.
  • Molly Gottchalk, Christmas Eve, NBC, 1986.
  • Also appeared in Friendly Persuasion, 1972; Happy Birthday to Me, 1981; and Nellie McClung, Crossbar, and Robbers, Rooftops and Witches.
  • Credits; SPECIALS
  • Queen Victoria, "The Invincible Mr. Disraeli," Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC, 1963.
  • Mary Todd Lincoln, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC,1964.
  • Also in "The Holy Terror," Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC, 1965; "Neither AreWe Enemies," Hallmark Hall of Fame, NBC, 1970.
  • One Plus One, Selected, 1961.
  • This Property Is Condemned, Paramount, 1966.
  • Pigeons (also known as The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1970.
  • The Andromeda Strain, Universal, 1971.
  • A Delicate Balance, American Film Theatre, 1973.
  • The Rainbow Boys, Mutual, 1973.
  • Shoot, AVCO-Embassy, 1976.
  • Equus, Warner Brothers, 1977.
  • High Point, New World Pictures, 1979.
  • Atlantic City, Paramount, 1981.
  • Monkey Grip, Cinecom International, 1983.
  • Heaven Help Us, Tri-Star, 1984.
  • Fire with Fire, Paramount, 1986.
  • Also appeared in Plague, 1978; Double Negative, 1980; Death Ship, 1980; The Blood of Others, 1984; No Sad Songs, 1985.

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