Jaclyn Smith Biography (1947-)

Full name, Jaclyn Ellen Smith; born October 26, 1947, in Houston, TX; daughter of Jack (a dentist) and Margaret Ellen (maiden name, Hartsfield) Smith; married Roger Davis (an actor), 1972 (divorced, 1975); married Dennis Cole (an actor), 1978 (divorced, 1981); married Anthony "Tony" Richmond (a cinematographer and director), August 4, 1981 (divorced, 1989); married Bradley Allen (aheart surgeon), October 11, 1997; children: (third marriage) Gaston Anthony,Spencer Margaret. Addresses: Agent: Jack Gilardi, International Creative Management, 8942 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Birth Details
October 26, 1947
Houston, Texas, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Kelly Garrett, Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1976-1981
  • Miniseries
  • Sally Fairfax, George Washington, CBS, 1984
  • Marie St. Jacques, The Bourne Identity, ABC, 1988
  • Mary Ashley, Sidney Sheldon's Windmills of the Gods (also known asWindmills of the Gods), CBS, 1988
  • Faye Price Thayer, Danielle Steele's "Family Album" (also known asFamily Album), NBC, 1994
  • Movies
  • Cathy Martin, "The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper," World of Disney, NBC, 1976
  • Maggie Bowman, Escape from Bogen County, CBS, 1977
  • Elena Schneider, The Users, ABC, 1978
  • Katherine Atwell, Nightkill (also known as Night Kill), NBC, 1980
  • Title role, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, ABC, 1981
  • Jennifer Parker, Rage of Angels (also known as Sidney Sheldon'sRage of Angels), NBC, 1983
  • Claudia Baldwin, The Night They Saved Christmas, ABC, 1984
  • Julie Ross-Gardner, Sentimental Journey, CBS, 1984
  • Title role, Florence Nightingale, NBC, 1985
  • Jennifer Parker, Rage of Angels: The Story Continues, NBC, 1986
  • Christine Cromwell, "Easy Come, Easy Go," Christine Cromwell (alsoknown as ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1989
  • Christine Cromwell, "Things That Go Bump in the Night," Christine Cromwell (also known as ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1989
  • Katherine "Kate" Whately, Settle the Score (also known as BloodKnot and Hidden Rage), NBC, 1989
  • Christine Cromwell, "In Vino Veritas," Christine Cromwell (also known as ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1990
  • Christine Cromwell, "Only the Good Die Young," Christine Cromwell(also known as ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1990
  • Christine Cromwell, "Plates," B. L. Stryker (also known as ABC Saturday Mystery), ABC, 1990
  • Hilary, Danielle Steele's "Kaleidoscope" (also known as Kaleidoscope), NBC, 1990
  • Dr. Kate Willis, The Rape of Dr. Willis, CBS, 1991
  • Elaine Sanders, Lies before Kisses, CBS, 1991
  • Maria Quinn, In the Arms of a Killer (also known as Kiss of Death and The Tangled Web), NBC, 1992
  • Megan Lambert, Nightmare in the Daylight, CBS, 1992
  • Elizabeth Bentley, Love Can Be Murder (also known as Kindred Spirits), NBC, 1992
  • Donna Yaklich, Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story (also knownas Victim of Rage), CBS, 1994
  • Dana Griffin, My Very Best Friend, CBS, 1996
  • Megan Potter, Married to a Stranger, The Family Channel, 1997
  • Bridgette Smith Michaels, Before He Wakes, CBS, 1998
  • Diane Caulfeld, Three Secrets, CBS, 1999
  • Renee Brennan, Freefall (also known as Angst ueber den Wolken), Fox Family Channel, 1999
  • Edith Iglauer, Navigating the Heart, Lifetime, 2000
  • Also appeared in My Angry Son, CBS.
  • Specials
  • ABC team member, Battle of the Network Stars II, ABC, 1977
  • Hostess, The Mad Mad Mad Mad World of the Super Bowl, NBC, 1977
  • ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration--25 and Still the One, ABC, 1978
  • The Television Annual: 1978/1979, 1979
  • Host, Magic with the Stars, NBC, 1982
  • The Night of 100 Stars II (also known as Night of One Hundred Stars), ABC, 1985
  • Host, The Kraft All-Star Salute to Ford's Theatre (also known as The All-Star Salute to Ford's Theatre), CBS, 1986
  • Texas 150: A Celebration Special, ABC, 1986
  • Happy Birthday, Hollywood!, ABC, 1987
  • Lifetime Salutes Mom, Lifetime, 1987
  • Sea World's All-Star, Lone Star Celebration (also known as New Friends ... Sea World Comes to Texas), CBS, 1988
  • Host, Voices of Hope ... Finding the Cures for Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Lifetime, 1997
  • An All-Star Party for Aaron Spelling, ABC, 1998
  • Awards Presentations
  • The 13th Annual People's Choice Awards, CBS, 1987
  • The 39th Annual Emmy Awards, Fox, 1987
  • The 18th Annual People's Choice Awards, CBS, 1992
  • Presenter, The 1998 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, TV Land, 1998
  • Presenter, The 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, TNT, 1999
  • Episodic
  • Tina, "When Mother Gets Married," The Partridge Family, ABC, 1970
  • Catherine Hart, "Showdown at the End of the World," McCloud, NBC,1973
  • Ali, "Death Heist," Switch, CBS, 1975
  • Ali, "The Late Show Murders," Switch, CBS, 1975
  • Judy March, "The Code Five Affair," The Rookies, ABC, 1975
  • Margaret Hart, "The Man with the Golden Hat," McCloud, NBC, 1975
  • (As Jaclyn Ellen Smith) Sari Lancaster, "A High Fashion Heist," Get Christie Love, ABC, 1975
  • "Go Ahead and Cry," The Rookies, ABC, 1975
  • "The Old Diamond Game," Switch, CBS, 1975
  • (Uncredited) Dana Cameron, "Night of the Strangler," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1976
  • Janette Bradford, "A Tasteful Affair," The Love Boat, ABC, 1977
  • Kelly Garrett, "Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom: Part 2," The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, ABC, 1977
  • "The Angels and the Bums," San Pedro Beach Bums, ABC, 1977
  • Intimate Portrait: Jaclyn Smith, Lifetime, 1998
  • Herself, Intimate Portrait: Cheryl Ladd, Lifetime, 1999
  • Herself, Inside TV Land, TV Land, 2000
  • Megan, "The Wrong Man," Becker, CBS, 2000
  • Megan, "Pretty Poison," Becker, CBS, 2001
  • Herself, "Charlie's Angels," TV Tales, E! Entertainment Television, 2002
  • Herself, "Charlie's Angels--Girls with Guns," Tvography, Arts andEntertainment, 2002
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Explicit Activities," The District, CBS, 2002
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Faith," The District, CBS, 2002
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Return of the King," The District, CBS, 2002
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Blindsided," The District, CBS, 2003
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Criminally Insane," The District, CBS, 2003
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Into the Sunset," The District, CBS, 2003
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh, "Untouchable," The District, CBS, 2003
  • Pilots
  • Probe (pilot for the series Search), NBC, 1972
  • Susan Cole, Fools, Females, and Fun: Is There a Doctor in the House?, NBC, 1974
  • Alice, Switch (also known as Las Vegas Roundabout), CBS, 1975
  • Kelly Garrett, Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1976
  • Kelly Garrett, Toni's Boys (broadcast as an episode of Charlie's Angels), ABC, 1980
  • Film Appearances
  • (Uncredited) Model, Goodbye Columbus, Paramount, 1969
  • Belinda, The Adventurers, Paramount, 1970
  • Sally Fannie Tatum, Bootleggers (also known as Bootleggers' Angel), Howco International, 1974
  • Maggie Rogers and Brooke Ashley, Deja Vu, Cannon, 1985
  • Kelly Garrett, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Columbia, 2003
  • Stage Appearances
  • The Night of 100 Stars II (also known as Night of One Hundred Stars), Radio City Music Hall, New York City, 1985
  • Appeared in regional productions of Bye Bye Birdie (musical), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Peg, and West Side Story (musical).
  • Videos
  • Jaclyn Smith: Workout for Beauty & Balance, 1993
  • Host, Trouble in Mind, 1999
  • TV Land Presents Blast from the Past (video game), 2001
  • Nonfiction
  • The American Look, Simon & Schuster, 1984
  • The Jaclyn Smith Beauty Book, Simon & Schuster, 1985

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