Jeffrey Jones Biography (1947-)

Full name, Jeffrey Duncan Jones; born September 28, 1947, in Buffalo, NY; sonof Douglas Bennett and Ruth (an art historian; maiden name, Schooley) Jones.Career: Actor. Playhouse Holiday (touring children's theatre company), Vancouver, member of company, 1973-74. Member: Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Awards, Honors: Tyrone Guthrie Award, 1971; Golden Globe Award nomination, best supporting actor in a motion picture, 1985, for Amadeus. Addresses: Agent: J. Michael Bloom, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite710, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Birth Details
September 28, 1947
Buffalo, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) Chorus, The House of Atreus, Tyrone Guthrie Theatre,Minneapolis, MN, 1967
  • (London debut) Joseph Surface, A School for Scandal, Logan Place Theatre, 1970
  • Watch, Much Ado about Nothing, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Festival Stage, Stratford, Ontario, 1971
  • Third murderer and messenger, Macbeth, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Festival Stage, 1971
  • Officer, The Duchess of Malfi, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Festival Stage, 1971
  • Guide, Volpone, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Festival Stage, 1971
  • Crookfinger Jake, The Threepenny Opera, Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Avon Stage, 1972
  • Limester, Lotta, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, New York City, 1973
  • Francisco, The Tempest, New York Shakespeare Festival, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, New York City, 1974
  • Ivan, Carmilla, Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY, 1974-75
  • Kerry, Noon, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Baron Frank, Frankenstein, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Matt, The Threepenny Opera, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Title role, The Real Inspector Hound, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Feraillon, A Flea in Her Ear, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Merlie, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Actors Theatre of Louisville,1974-75
  • Sarge, Female Transport, Actors Theatre of Louisville, 1974-75
  • Captain DeFoenix, Trelawney of the Wells, Vivian Beaumont Theatre,New York City, 1975
  • Dr. Pinch, The Comedy of Errors, Delacorte Theatre, New York City,1975
  • Randall Underwood, Heartbreak House, Arena Stage, Washington, DC,1975
  • Roy, Scribes, Phoenix Theatre, then Marymount Manhattan Theatre, New York City, 1976
  • Sergeant Wilson, Secret Service, Phoenix Theatre, then Playhouse Theatre, New York City, 1976
  • Major Thompson, Boy Meets Girl, Phoenix Theatre, then Playhouse Theatre, 1976
  • Giles Ralston, The Mousetrap, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle,WA, 1976
  • Heartbreak House, Philadelphia Drama Guild, Philadelphia, PA, 1976
  • Chadebise and Poche, A Flea in Her Ear, Hartford Stage Company, Hartford, CT, 1977
  • Carver (Leo), Design for Living, McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ,1977
  • Tom, The Utter Glory of Morrisey Hall, McCarter Theatre, 1978
  • Harold, They Are Dying Out, Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT,1979
  • Understudy for Sherlock Holmes, The Crucifer of Blood, Booth Theatre, New York City, 1979
  • Pinhead manager, policeman, Will, and Lord John, The Elephant Man,Booth Theatre, 1980
  • Clive and Edward, Cloud 9, Theatre de Lys, New York City, 1981
  • Karl Bodenschatz, The Death of Von Richtofen, as Witnessed from Earth, New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre, 1982
  • Montjoy, Henry V, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte Theatre, 1984
  • Maurice Stapleton, Love Letters on Blue Paper, Hudson Guild Theatre, New York City, 1984
  • Hans Christian Anderson, Rainsnakes, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1984
  • Gregor, Between East and West, McCarter Theatre, 1992-93
  • London Suite, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1994then Union Square Theatre, New York City, 1995
  • Also appeared as Donald, Porcelain Time, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA; as Antipholus of Syracuse, The Comedy of Errors, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba; as Tony Cavendish, The Royal Family, American Stage Festival, Milford, NH; as Jim, The Glass Menagerie, American Stage Festival; as Raymond de Chelles, Custom of the Country, Shakespeare and Company, Lee, MA; as Sarge, Female Transport,New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theatre; and as Sergius, Arms and the Man, Vancouver Playhouse, Vancouver, British Columbia; appeared at Tyrone Guthrie Theatre in The Shoemakers Holiday, The Visit, Harper's Ferry; and The Merchant of Venice, Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
  • Major Tours
  • Pinhead manager, policeman, Will, and Lord John, The Elephant Man,U.S. cities, 1979-80
  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Fred, The Revolutionary, United Artists, 1970
  • Ruteledge child, A Wedding, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1978
  • U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense, The Soldier (also known as Codename: The Soldier), Embassy, 1982
  • Clive Barlow, Easy Money, Orion, 1983
  • Emperor Joseph II, Amadeus, Orion, 1984
  • Mayor Lepescu, Transylvania 6-5000, New World, 1985
  • Ed Rooney, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Paramount, 1986
  • Dr. Jenning, Howard the Duck, Universal, 1986
  • Major Fischer, The Hanoi Hilton, Cannon, 1987
  • Charles Deitz, Beetlejuice, Warner Bros., 1988
  • Inspector Lestrade, Without a Clue, Orion, 1988
  • Eliot Draisen, Who Is Harry Crumb?, TriStar, 1989
  • Monsieur DeGercourt, Valmont, Orion, 1989
  • Skip Tyler, The Hunt for Red October, Paramount, 1990
  • Floyd, Enid Is Sleeping (also known as Over Her Dead Body),Vestron, 1990
  • Angel Square, 1991
  • Spike, Stay Tuned, TriPictures, 1992
  • Matt Skearns/Mayor Peter Van der Haven, Out on a Limb, Universal,1992
  • Dick Nelson, Mom and Dad Save the World, 1992
  • Criswell, Ed Wood, Buena Vista, 1994
  • Ron Timmerman, Houseguest, Buena Vista, 1995
  • Thomas Putnam, The Crucible, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996
  • Gustav, The Pest, TriStar, 1997
  • Dr. Raskins, Santa Fe, 1997
  • Roger, Flypaper, 1997
  • Eddie Barzoon, The Devil's Advocate, Warner Bros., 1997
  • Minister Pete, There's No Fish Food in Heaven, Storm Entertainment, 1998
  • Hart, Ravenous, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1999
  • Rev. Steenwyck, Sleepy Hollow, Paramount, 1999
  • Also appeared in and Heaven and Earth.
  • Television Appearances
  • Miniseries
  • The Adams Chronicles, PBS, 1976
  • Mr. Acme, Fresno, CBS, 1986
  • Movies
  • Budge Hollander, If Tomorrow Comes, CBS, 1986
  • Thomas Jefferson, George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation, CBS, 1986
  • Buffalo Bill, Kenny Rogers as "The Gambler" III--The Legend Continues, CBS, 1987
  • Episodic
  • (Television debut) Kojak, CBS, 1971
  • Sergeant Jones, "Secret Service," Theatre in America, PBS, 1977
  • Clifford Connant, "A Steele at Any Price," Remington Steele, NBC,1983
  • Carl Wilkerson, "Opening Day," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1985
  • John Baldwin, Amazing Stories, NBC, 1986
  • Professor Finley, "Creep Course," Tales From the Crypt, HBO, 1993
  • Voice, "I, Duckman," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1994
  • Voice of Sloth, "The Race," Eek! the Cat (animated), Fox, 1996
  • Dr. Scott Perkins, "The Joining," The Outer Limits, Showtime, 1998
  • Also appeared in Ryan's Hope, and One Life to Live, both ABC.
  • Series
  • Walter Kellogg, The People Next Door, CBS, 1989
  • Pilots
  • Harry, A Fine Romance, CBS, 1983
  • Specials
  • Voice of the man in the magic mirror, Disney's DTV Monster Hits (animated), NBC, 1987
  • Milos Forman: Portrait, 1989
  • The CBS Premiere Preview Spectacular, CBS, 1989
  • The Avenging Angel, 1995
  • Video Games
  • Voice of the President, Fallout 2, Interplay, 1998

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