T. G. Cooper Biography (1939-)

Full name, Theodore G. Cooper; born August 14, 1939; son of Theodore Gladstone Cooper and Ruth Theresa (Brown) Cooper Greene; married Maudine Rice, May 13, 1960 (divorced, 1971); married Valerie Mills, December 22, 1982; children:(first marriage) Maria Teresa, Irene Ruth. Addresses: OFFICE--Department of Drama, College of Fine Arts, Howard University, Washington, DC, 20001.

T. G. Cooper informs CTFT that "my major motivation was my godfather's brother, who is Sidney Poitier. My favorite roles are Creon in Antigone, and Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. The most important thing in my career is motivating young people in the art of theatre and helping them to develop into strong individuals. My hobbies are reading plays and viewing movies. I have traveled all over the United States and Nassau."


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