Lee Majors Biography (1940?-)

Original name, Harvey Lee Yeary III; born April 23, 1940 (some sources say 1939, 1941, or 1942), in Wyandotte, MI; married Kathy Robinson, 1961 (divorced,1964); married Farrah Fawcett (an actress), July 28, 1973 (divorced February16, 1982); married Karen Valez (a model), September, 1988 (divorced October,1994); married Faith Noelle, November 1, 2002; children: (first marriage) Lee II; (third marriage) Nikki, Dane, and Trey (twins). Addresses: Agent: The Blake Agency, 1327 Ocean Ave., Suite J, Santa Monica, CA 90401.; Publicist: Rogers & Cowan Public Relations, 1888 Century Park East, Suite 500,Los Angeles, CA 90067.; Contact: c/o 2877 South Paradise Rd., #903, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Actor, producer, director
Birth Details
April 23, 1940?
Wyandotte, Michigan, United States

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