Andrew Johns Biography (1935-)

Born December 12, 1935, in Martinez, CA; son of Henry Eudey (an engineer) andNora Marie (Johnson) Johns; married Evangeline (a writing waitress), June 8,1957; children: Ariana. Addresses: Home--New York, NY. Agent--c/o Gilbert Parker, William Morris Agency, 1325 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10019.

Andrew Johns earlier told CTFT: "I started writing while understudying and working as assistant stage manager on the Broadway production of David Story'splay Home. Story and Saroyan are the two playwrights I feel closest to. I didnot discover I could write until my thirties were almost over. That was dumb, because I've looked and there isn't a pleasure as pleasant as writing."

Birth Details
December 12, 1935
Martinez, California, United States

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