Barrie Keeffe Biography (1945-)

Full name, Barrie Colin Keeffe; born October 31, 1945, in London, England; son of Edward Thomas (a post office employee) and Constance Beatrice (a Women'sVoluntary Service worker; maiden name, Marsh) Keeffe; married Dee Sarah Truman, 1969 (divorced, 1979); married Verity Eileen Bargate Proud (a writer), 1981 (died 1981); married Julia Lindsay, 1983; children: (second marriage) twostepsons. Addresses: Agent--Harvey Unna & Stephen Durbridge Ltd.,24-32 Pottery Lane, London, W11 4LZ, England; Gilbert Parker, William MorrisAgency, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.

Birth Details
October 31, 1945
London, England

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