Jack Paar Biography (1918-)

Born May 1, 1918, in Canton, OH; son of Howard and Lillian (Hein) Paar; married second wife, Miriam Hershey, October, 1943; children: Randy (a daughter).

Jack Paar virtually created the television talk show when he took over The Tonight Show in 1957. Replacing the earlier variety show format with the now familiar guests-on-a-couch set, Paar more than quadrupled the number of stations carrying the show and attracted an audience of millions each night.

Birth Details
May 1, 1918
Canton, Ohio, United States

Famous Works

Recent Updates

January 27, 2004: Paar died January 27, 2004, at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut, after suffering from a long illness. He was 85. Source:CNN.com, www.cnn.com, January 28, 2004; New York Times, January 28, 2004, p. A23(L).

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