Barry Bermange Biography (1933-)

Born November 7, 1933, in London, England; son of David (a tailor) and Gertrude (Rosenthal) Bermange; married Maurine Jewel Lufkin Bright (a writer, underpseudonym Maggie Ross), March 10, 1961; children: one step- daughter. Addresses: Agent: Ms. L. Bright, London and Worldwide Agencies.; Contact: c/o Eyre Methuen Ltd.,11 New Fetter lane, London EC4, England.

Barry Bermange, who directs most of his own plays, is credited with creatingseveral "sound inventions" for radio. Also working as composer, he synchronized various words and phrases with electronic music to produce innovative music-drama. In addition, the author's television play International, a controversial work on football violence, was ultimately banned by the BBC.

Birth Details
November 7, 1933
London, England

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