Pat Buttram Biography (1916-1994)

Born Maxwell E. Buttram on June 19, 1916, in Addison, AL; died of kidney failure, January 8, 1994, in Los Angeles, CA. Television, film, and radio performer. Buttram was best known to television viewers as the humorously shady salesman Mr. Haney on the popular comedy series Green Acres from 1965 to 1971. Itwas not Buttram's first television appearance, however, as he was also familiar to viewers in the 1950s as the comedic sidekick to singing cowboy Gene Autry on The Gene Autry Show--a role that originated when he and Autry first met as radio performers in the 1930s. Buttram also acted in feature films, including his first appearance in 1948's The Strawberry Roan and later films suchas Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Back to the Future III. In 1989, Buttram returned to radio as a regular performer on Robert W. Morgan's morning show on radio station KMPC in Los Angeles. In addition, Buttram was well-known in theLos Angeles area for his frequent appearances as a toastmaster or host for various ceremonies, including the Motion Picture and Television Fund's annual Golden Boot awards, for which he helped raise millions of dollars for charity.

Birth Details
June 19, 1916
Addison, Alabama, United States
Death Details
January 8, 1994
Los Angeles, California, United States

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