Ron Haddrick Biography (1929-)

Born April 9, 1929, in Adelaide, Australia; son of Alexander Norman and OliveMay (Gibson) Haddrick; married Margaret Lorraine Quigley. Addresses:HOME--17 Kessell Ave., Homebush West, New South Wales, Australia.

Favorite roles: John Tanner, Azdak, Alf Cook, Jamie Tyrone, Oedipus.

Birth Details
April 9, 1929
Adelaide, Australia

Famous Works

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Jun 5, 2011 @ 11:23 pm
I would love to know if someone knows who translated the version of The Government Inspector which Ron Haddrick was in (The Mayor), Old Tote at Parade Theatre 1971, directed by Philip Hedley. And also, if the script is available, whether in a printed version, or manuscript form.
Thanks! May-Brit

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