Vittorio De Sica Biography (1902?-1974)

Born July 7, 1902 (some sources say 1901), in Sora, Italy; died November 13,1974, in Paris, France; children: Manuel, Christian. Avocational interests: Art collecting, gambling. Career: Director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. Worked as a clerk before becoming an actor; joined stage company in 1923; became successful in Italian theatre by late 1920s; became successful in Italian films, especially in light comedies; became a director in 1940 and made mostly comedies; in 1942 film The Children Are Watching, revealed depth and sensitivity and began working relationship with writer Cesare Zavattini, collaborator on De Sica's first two Oscar-winning films. Awards, Honors: Honorary Academy Award, 1948, for Shoeshine; NationalBoard of Review Award, best director, 1949, Honorary Academy Award, most outstanding foreign language film, Golden Leopard Award, Locarno International Film Festival, best film, both 1950, and Bodil Award, best European film, BodilFestival, 1951, all for The Bicycle Thief; Grand Prize of the Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and New York Film Critics Circle Award, best foreignlanguage film, both 1951, for Miracle in Milan; New York Film CriticsCircle Award, best foreign language film, and Bodil Award, best European film, Bodil Festival, both 1955, for Umberto D; Academy Award nomination,best supporting actor, 1958, for A Farewell to Arms; Academy Award, best foreign language film, 1965, for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; Academy Award, best foreign language film, 1972, for The Garden of the Finzi Continis..

Director, screenwriter, producer, actor
Birth Details
July 7, 1902?
Sora, Italy
Death Details
November 13, 1974
Paris, France

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