Tom Savini Biography ((?)-)

Born in Pittsburgh, PA; married Nancy Hare, 1984.


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Gloria P
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Jul 24, 2012 @ 1:01 am
I was happy to see a bio for Tom Savini, a personality that I've admired and respected for quite some time. He was born in the same home town as I, Pittburgh, PA, and became famous for his distinctive style of movie make up and other special effects. He is also a terrific actor, and an excellent stuntman. I met and chatted with him at length as a Star Trek Convention, where he appeared as one of the important speakers, an found him to me a very warm and friendly man, wth a delightful sense of humor. He is also an exceptionally handsome individual, with his jet black hair, sensual dark eyes, and goatee. When his special effects studio was located in Lawrenceville, PA, not far from Pittsburgh, he welcomed anyone, looking for employment, to either send or bring (in person) their portfolio. He was always eager to look at the art and designs of new people, saying that some of the very best talent, was hidden amoungst the local folks in small towns. He especially liked to see the work of the very young, "before their art and talents had been spoiled by instructors, agents, movie company executives, comic book and science fiction magazine editors and publishers". These people, he said, always worked to change what didn't need to BE changed. They liked to "re-make" the young and inexperienced, and persuade them to conform to THEIR-OWN (The agent's, editor's, publisher's, etc.) personal style of doing things,nd he (Mr. Savini) wasn't in the market for "more of the same". He wanted new, FRESH blood, people who could teach HIM somethng new!

While your biography starts out well, I found it sadly lacking in any REAL detail abou Mr. Savini's work, his studio, his acting career, his roots (having been born in the same state and/or hometown as some other very famous people, such as Jeff Goldblum, Micheal Keaton, Andy Warhol, Barbara Feldon (Agent 99, Get Smart TV Series), Ted Cassidy (Lurch, The Addams Family TV Series), The Great, Gene Kelly, Frank Gorshin (The Riddler, Batman TV Series), Fritz Weaver, John Hodiak, Jonathan Frakes (Comdr. Riker, Star Trek The Next Generation), Bobby Vinton (Singer-Songwriter), George A Romero (Writer/Producer/Director), Joan Jett (Singer, guitarist), Bill Cosby (Actor, Comedian), Vice President Joe Biden...).

I like to read well rounded biographies that give as much detail as possible, especially delving into the personality's roots, hometown life, and family, as well as personal accomplishments. These things are what make the person real, and human.

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