Janet Aldrich Biography (1956-)

Born Janet Wallerich, October 16, 1956, in Chicago, IL; daughter of George Mueller (a business executive) and Frances Marion (Harper) Wallerich; married Carlos R. Valdes Dapenza (a photography stock company manager), April 9, 1989.Addresses: AGENT--Agents for the Arts, Inc., 1650 Broadway, New York,NY 10019.

Janet Aldrich told CTFT that she has appeared in productions of Cabaret in seven countries and three languages, adding, "It was the film Cabaret that originally inspired me to become an actress and Bob Fosse, coincidentally, was the first person I met when I moved to New York."

Birth Details
October 16, 1956
Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Aug 9, 2012 @ 2:14 pm
There are some corrections to the page: Father was George Mueller Wallerich, Mother Frances Harper Wallerich. Married to Carlos Valdes-Dapena. Originated the role of Maligna in Starmites on Broadway at the Criterion Center 1988, replaced Lauren Mitchell as Lady Jacqueline Carstone in "Me And My Girl" on Broadway in 1989, and won the Helen Hayes Award for her work in "Forbidden Broadway" in 1986. Played Flip's mother in the film, "Jails Hospitals and Hip Hop" by Danny Hoch, and played the role of Blanche in the award winning film short, "Liberty Road." Also was featured in the Pre-Broadway tour of "Applause" with Stefanie Powers as her best friend, Karen. And appeared on Saturday Night Live for several seasons in minor roles. For more info, check her out on Broadway World, Ovrtur, IMDB, IBDB.

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