Brian Ross Biography (1948-)

Full name, Brian Elliot Ross; born October 23, 1948, in Chicago, IL; son of Kenneth Earl (in business) and Shirley Louise (an artist; maiden name, Johnston) Ross; married Lucinda Sanman (a photographer), May, 1985.

Broadcast journalist
Birth Details
October 23, 1948
Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Bruce Branick
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Mar 21, 2012 @ 7:19 pm
Tremendous respect for Brian Ross, who looks like a "good guy," a man of
character who can be depended upon. I'd like to see Brian investigate the
Hindu-Muslim phenomenon.

About 35 yrs ago, the motel-convenience store cum gasoline business in America were slowly taken over by Indians& Paks.

It may have happened when LBJ opened America's doors wide, said "come and get it!" free.

The takeover was stealthy. In the farest reaches of our country, small, one-horse motels were taken over by Hindus-Parsis-Sikhs, and their relatives (or just people who looked like the new owners) took over management.

Brian, where did the money come from? India-Sikh-Muslim-Parsi country was the most pitifully poor country in the world (aside from Africa, and those denizens who could never do anything for themselves, and are still on the American-Brit-German-French-italian dole).

The take over of American hotels and motels by Indians, and the takeover of
American convenience store-gas stations by Muslims took tons of thought, and machinations. Did our presidents and Congress-senate provide the dollars required?

No one has ever reported on this amazing feat. Brian, why not you?

Bruce Branick, Nederland, TX 77627

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